Davanti Tyres Expands Global Footprint with Strategic Partnership in Trinidad and Tobago

Davanti Tyres has forged a new tyre distribution partnership with Champs Fleur Auto, a distinguished automotive retail and repair business based in Trinidad and Tobago. This collaboration marks a pivotal step for both entities as they join forces to distribute a diverse range of Davanti products across the twin island nation.

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Davanti Tyres
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February 23, 2024

Champs Fleur Auto, founded in 2015 by Garry Agge, has been a prominent player in the automotive industry, providing top-notch repairs for all makes and models throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The establishment also boasts a comprehensive retail store, offering a wide array of car accessories. Now, the reputable business is set to enhance its portfolio by venturing into tyre distribution, showcasing Davanti's renowned products, including the DX range, Terratoura A/T, and Protoura Sport.

Garry Agge expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are extremely excited to be a part of the Davanti Tyres family. The tremendous support we have received from the entire Davanti team has been refreshing. We are absolutely certain we have made the right choice partnering with Davanti."

Amilcar Lanzon, International Sales & Marketing Executive for Davanti Tyres, echoed this sentiment, saying, "It is great to have built a new partnership with Garry and Champs Fleur Auto. Having met at the 2023 Tyre Expo in Panama, we are excited to work with such a reputable business as they enter tyre distribution for the first time. We are looking forward to making a positive impact in Trinidad and Tobago working with Champs Fleur Auto."

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Davanti Tyres in 2024, with Champs Fleur Auto becoming the first distribution partner for the year. This follows a successful 2023, during which Davanti expanded its global network with partnerships in Brazil with GF Pneus and Bahrain with Ebrahim K. Kanoo.

As Davanti Tyres continues its strategic global expansion, the partnership with Champs Fleur Auto underscores the brand's commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to automotive enthusiasts in Trinidad and Tobago.

This development is poised to bring forth a positive influence in the automotive landscape of the twin island country, with Champs Fleur Auto emerging as a key player in the distribution of Davanti Tyres' cutting-edge products.

Some of the countries where Davanti Tyres has established partnerships include:

  • Brazil: Davanti Tyres has secured a new distribution partnership with major Brazilian tyre importer GF Pneus
  • Egypt: Davanti Tyres has established an exclusive distribution partnership in Egypt with Tyre Pro Egypt
  • South Korea: Davanti Tyres celebrated two years of partnership with South Korean distributor GU Networks
  • Kenya: Kingsway Tyres has become the official distributor of Davanti Tyres in Kenya

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