Open Content Policy regards all websites that publish periodically updated information as potential sources.

In choosing whether a source qualifies for inclusion in its aggregation services, does apply rigorous editorial standards.

However, avoids distinguishing unnecessarily between:

  • authors or publishers who call themselves news organisations and those who do not;
  • authors or publishers with explicit or hidden biases;
  • articles reviewed by editors or those published without review;

( does however aim to identify those sources which publish press releases, weblogs, or those which require registration or subscription.) currently reviews sources for suitability for inclusion on our website as a consequence of:

  • a request by a website user;
  • a need, that we determine our website users or paying customers have;
  • a request by a publisher;
  • a request by a member of the company.

(However, we don't usually record the reason a site was added unless it was specifically asked for by a client.) reserves the right to decline to add a source at its sole discretion, and reserves the right to change this Open Content Policy at any time without notice.