Davanti Tyres Announces the Launch of Its First Track Tyre: The Protoura Race

Davanti Tyres has taken a bold leap into the racetrack with the introduction of its first-ever track tyre, the Protoura Race.

This high-performance tyre promises unparalleled performance on the track, truly embodying the tagline "Engineered to Win."

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Davanti Tyres
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September 6, 2023

Stringent Testing, Top-notch Results

The Protoura Race, underwent rigorous testing in some of the most demanding environments, from controlled scenarios to the challenging terrains of Europe's toughest proving grounds.

At the Applus+ IDIADA, one of Europe's premier summer testing facilities, the Protoura Race showcased its prowess. Here, the tyre was subjected to an array of wet and dry handling and braking tests against its contemporaries. Using the Golf GTI TCR race car and a slew of road cars like the latest Golf GTI, the Protoura Race garnered 'A' grade status for its impressive braking capabilities and unparalleled grip, both in wet and dry conditions.

The Calafat Circuit further cemented the Protoura Race's reputation for durability. Emphasising on its abrasion and heat resistance, the tyre underwent a series of heating and cooling evaluations using the full race version Golf GTI TCR, culminating in outstanding results that inspire confidence.

When it came to Silverstone, the Protoura Race was compared head-to-head against its competitors. The professional TSL timing and qualification standings at Silverstone demonstrated the tyre's adeptness at tackling high-speed corners and its remarkable adaptability to shifting conditions from damp circuits to dry lines.

Ray Collier, Managing Director and Chief Engineer of TREAD, the independent testing organisation that tested Protoura Race, said: “The result of this stringent testing is a tyre that is best in class for consistency, reliability and speed. It has been tuned for progressive handling to give drivers ultimate control, and the ability to withstand changes in temperatures while performing consistently without substantial wearing, allowing the tyre to be driven on from the track to the road repeatedly.”

Key Features That Set the Protoura Race Apart

Directional Tread Pattern: For exceptional wet weather control.
Enhanced Carcass Strength: Giving direct feedback and unmatched control during high-speed cornering.
Cutting-Edge Compound: Augmented grip ensures accelerated braking power.
Semi-Slick Tread Design: Perfect for driving both on the racetrack and the road.

“It’s an exciting time for Davanti Tyres as we launch our first ever track tyre, Protoura Race. Now we have a semi-slick track tyre, our performance range offers more options for our specialist retailers and motorists.
“The testing we’ve undertaken with Protoura Race cannot be understated and is something we are incredibly proud of. From the IDIADA facilities in Spain to iconic motor racing circuits such as Silverstone and Spain’s Calafat Circuit, the Protoura Race has proved its capabilities in tricky conditions and challenging apexes. It’s thanks to our rigorous development process we can offer a tyre that is genuinely engineered to win.”

Davanti Tyres’ General Manager Peter Cross.

Predominantly designed for racing, the Protoura Race also has the added benefit of being road legal, ensuring ease of commuting to and from the track.

The Protoura Race tyre is available in sizes ranging from 13" to 18".

For more details, visit the Protoura Race product page or get in touch with your nearest Davanti dealer.

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