Innovative Design Meets Road Safety: Davanti Winter Tyre Collection

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November 10, 2023

Davanti Tyres winter tyre range is specifically designed to operate best at temperatures under 7°C (44.6°F). This range includes the Wintoura, Wintoura SUV, Wintoura Van, and Wintoura+, each tailored to meet specific vehicle requirements.

Wintoura: Optimised safety and stability in all winter conditions for compact vehicles.

The Wintoura model stands out with its impressive fuel efficiency, a critical factor in today's environmentally conscious market. Its rolling resistance score, ranging from A to G, indicates that an A-rated Wintoura tyre could save up to 6 litres of fuel every 625 miles compared to a G-rated tyre. Additionally, the tyre's wet grip capacity, graded from A to G, ensures shorter braking distances, significantly enhancing safety during wet conditions.

Wintoura SUV: Designed for the Adventurous

The Wintoura SUV tyre - Optimised safety and stability in all winter conditions for compact vehicles. The Wintoura is a directional high-performance winter pattern, that provides safety, comfort and fuel efficiency. It offers excellent wet grip and reduced noise levels, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience, particularly in challenging winter conditions.

Wintoura Van: The Reliable Choice for Commercial Use

A fine balance of durability and exceptional winter grip, performance where it is needed most. The Wintoura VAN has an optimised symmetric tread pattern designed for high traction and good braking performance, even in severe winter conditions. Understanding the unique demands of commercial vehicles, the Wintoura Van tyre provides the durability and performance needed for heavy-duty use. It shares the fuel efficiency and wet grip features of its counterparts, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to reduce operational costs while maximising safety.

Wintoura+: Enhanced Performance for Diverse Conditions

The Wintoura+ is the premium choice in this range, Wintoura+ is a UHP asymmetric tread pattern, optimised for safety, performance and a comfortable drive. It maintains the same focus on fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise reduction, making it a versatile option for drivers who encounter a variety of road conditions.

A Commitment to Research and Development

Davanti's extensive research and development have led to tyres that not only meet but exceed standard requirements. This dedication ensures that drivers can trust in their vehicle's performance, whether navigating icy roads or enduring heavy rainfall.

The Davanti winter tyre range promises to deliver not only superior performance in winter conditions but also contribute to fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. As the cold season approaches, Davanti's winter tyre range is set to become a crucial component for drivers seeking reliability and safety on the road.


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