Continental's Agricultural Tyre Segment: Embracing High-Technology for Growth

Continental, has been making significant strides in the agricultural tyre segment, focusing on high-technology products and services. This strategic move aims to address the evolving demands of the agricultural industry, which faces challenges like cost pressures and sustainability.

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Continental's Agricultural Tyre Segment
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January 22, 2024

Market Context and Continental's Investment

The agricultural industry is under immense pressure to innovate due to changing demands and sustainability challenges. Continental has responded by investing heavily in its agricultural tyre segment since re-entering the market in 2016. The company's production line in Lousado, Portugal, has been a significant investment area, positioning Continental to compete with established premium brands in this niche.

The Field Experience – VF Technology at the Forefront

A key product in Continental's agricultural lineup is the Conti TractorMaster VF, acclaimed for its impact on soil health, operator comfort, noise reduction, and economic benefits such as fuel economy and durability. The importance of tyre-tractor compatibility cannot be overstated, as it plays a crucial role in agricultural machinery's performance, especially regarding grip and soil compaction reduction.

In February 2023, Continental introduced its largest agricultural tyre, the VF TractorMaster in size VF900/60R42, designed to support agricultural machinery over 300 horsepower​​​​. These tyres, thanks to VF technology, can handle 40% more load at the same pressure as standard tyres, or 40% less pressure at the same load, leading to increased fuel efficiency and reduced soil compaction​​.

Continental VF TractorMaster

High-Technology Offerings and Value Proposition

Continental's range of agricultural tyres, including the VF TractorMaster and VF CombineMaster, represents its focus on high technology. While these premium tyres come at a higher cost, they offer value through technical superiority, customer support, and services like the ContiPressureCheck tyre monitoring system. Continental also provides a robust 10-year warranty, underlining their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Bridging the Technological Gap

Acknowledging varying levels of technology adoption among UK farmers, Continental sees the need for more education about the benefits of advanced tyre technologies. The goal is to bridge the knowledge gap and help farmers understand how these technologies can enhance efficiency and productivity.

Building a Strong Dealer Network

Continental is actively expanding its dealer network across the UK, aiming for 30-40 points of presence. The focus is on exclusive partnerships and comprehensive product understanding to provide the best customer support and expertise in their product line.

Engagement and Partnerships

Continental engages with the market through specialised events and social media. Strengthening its presence, the company partners with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for product development, ensuring that their tyres meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

Continental's Focus on the Premium Segment

Continental's emphasis on the premium segment is evident in its ongoing innovations, particularly in the ContiPressureCheck system. This focus aligns with their Vision 2030 strategy, which aims to expand their agricultural tyre business and realign their agricultural tyres segment under the leadership of Ivonne Bierwirth​​​​.

Continental's commitment to high-technology products and services in the agricultural tyre segment is a testament to their understanding of the market's needs and their dedication to innovation. This strategy not only positions them well within the competitive landscape but also demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and efficiency in agriculture.

For more information on Continental's agricultural tyres, visit their official website.

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