Continental Agricultural Tyres | New Tyre Size with VF Technology for High Performance Tractors

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Continental Agricultural Tyres
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March 3, 2023

As a leading innovator in tyre technology, Continental has recently launched a new tyre product line specifically designed for agriculture vehicles. The new product line, called AgroVF TractorMaster, is poised to revolutionise the agricultural industry with its cutting-edge features and performance.

  • VF TractorMaster VF900/60R42 tractor tyres now available worldwide
  • Continental has thus launched its largest agricultural tyre to date and is responding the trend toward large agricultural machines

Revolutionary Features of AgroVF TractorMaster

Continental's new AgroVF TractorMaster tyre line is designed to cater to the unique requirements of modern agriculture vehicles. The tyre's innovative features ensure improved durability, better traction, and fuel efficiency. Let's take a closer look at some of the most remarkable features of this revolutionary tyre technology:

VF TractorMaster VF900/60R42: the contracting company M&H Agrarlogistik has already tested the new agricultural tractor tire.

Robust Design for Enhanced Durability

AgroVF TractorMaster's robust design offers exceptional durability, ensuring a longer service life. The tyre is built with a robust shoulder design and an optimised lug angle that provides maximum resistance against wear and tear. The tyre's sidewalls are reinforced with an additional layer of rubber that offers resistance against damage caused by stones, stubble, and other debris commonly found in agricultural fields.

Improved Traction for Better Productivity

AgroVF TractorMaster's innovative tread design ensures superior traction, even in challenging terrains. The tyre's optimised tread pattern, combined with its wider footprint, offers excellent grip on all surfaces, from muddy fields to hard-packed soil. The tyre's unique self-cleaning mechanism ensures that mud and dirt are efficiently expelled from the tyre's grooves, allowing for continuous traction.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency for Cost Savings

AgroVF TractorMaster's innovative tyre technology offers improved fuel efficiency, helping farmers reduce their operational costs. The tyre's optimized lug angle and tread design ensure reduced rolling resistance, resulting in less energy consumption. As a result, the tractor's fuel consumption is reduced, resulting in cost savings for farmers.

Benefits of Using AgroVF TractorMaster

Continental's AgroVF TractorMaster tyre line offers numerous benefits to farmers, including improved productivity, reduced operational costs, and increased sustainability. Here are some of the most notable benefits of using AgroVF TractorMaster:

Increased Productivity

The AgroVF TractorMaster's superior traction and robust design ensure maximum productivity, even in challenging conditions. The tyre's wider footprint and self-cleaning mechanism allow for continuous traction, minimizing downtime and improving overall efficiency.

Reduced Operational Costs

AgroVF TractorMaster's improved fuel efficiency and longer service life ensure reduced operational costs for farmers. The tyre's resistance against wear and tear, combined with its ability to withstand damage from debris, means that farmers can replace their tyres less frequently, resulting in cost savings.

Increased Sustainability

AgroVF TractorMaster's innovative tyre technology offers increased sustainability, helping farmers reduce their environmental footprint. The tyre's improved fuel efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and its longer service life means that fewer tyres end up in landfills.

Continental's AgroVF TractorMaster tyre line is a game-changer for the agricultural industry. Its innovative features and cutting-edge technology ensure improved productivity, reduced operational costs, and increased sustainability. With AgroVF TractorMaster, farmers can now rely on a tyre that offers superior performance, ensuring maximum productivity and profitability.

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