Ascenso Tyres Strengthens Sales Team with Industry Experts Pawel Kopinski and Olaf Sandeck

Ascenso Tyres CE GmbH (ASCE), the import and marketing company for the Ascenso off-highway tyre brand produced by Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited (MTPL), has recently announced the addition of two seasoned professionals to its sales team.

Pawel Kopinski and Olaf Sandeck bring a wealth of industry experience and expertise to Ascenso Tyres, further enhancing the company's growth and market presence.

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Ascenso Tyres
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June 7, 2023

The two new sales managers visit MTPL in Mumbai (from left: Olaf Sandeck, Pawel Kopinski, Yogesh Mahansaria, Matthias Lüttschwager). | Image: Ascenso Tyres

Pawel Kopinski's Appointment:

Since March, Pawel Kopinski has taken on the role of Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, overseeing business operations in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Kopinski's impressive background encompasses extensive international trading experience in diverse markets across East Asia, Eastern, Central, and Western Europe. With 15 years of involvement in the tyre industry as a purchasing and sales manager at a leading Polish tyre wholesaler, Kopinski brings a deep understanding of the market dynamics and customer needs in the region. His addition to the Ascenso Tyres team is expected to bolster the company's presence and drive growth in Eastern Europe.

Olaf Sandeck's Appointment:

In April, Olaf Sandeck joined Ascenso Tyres CE as the OEM2 Sales Manager, contributing over two decades of professional experience gained from leading commercial vehicle tyre wholesalers, including a notable tenure at Trelleborg. With his extensive industry knowledge and expertise accumulated over 32 years, Sandeck is well-equipped to strengthen Ascenso Tyres' relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). His appointment underscores the company's commitment to delivering high-quality products and services that meet the demanding standards of the commercial vehicle sector.

Factory Visit to MTPL in India:

To introduce the new team members to the MTPL management, Ascenso Tyres organized a visit to the tyre manufacturer's facilities in Gujarat and the head office in Mumbai from April 10th to April 14th. The trip provided valuable insights into the scale and significance of the Ascenso project within the tyre industry. Pawel Kopinski expressed his enthusiasm for Ascenso, stating, "The energy and pace at which the MTPL company is developing is incredible. You have to see it with your own eyes to be convinced." This sentiment reflects the immense potential Ascenso Tyres holds in the market, further validating Kopinski's decision to join the company.

Olaf Sandeck also praised the visit, stating, "I am very impressed by the dynamic development that the company has made in a very short time." Sandeck's positive observations highlight Ascenso Tyres' commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and efficient production processes. The presence of experienced and motivated industry experts at MTPL further strengthens Ascenso Tyres' position as a reliable provider of exceptional off-highway tyres.

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