Michelin Unveils Ambitious New Advertising Campaign Showcasing Innovative Spirit

Michelin's latest campaign delves deep into their innovative expertise in materials science and its diverse applications. Following the first phase that celebrated movement and showcased their range of products and services, the second phase highlights groundbreaking technologies such as driverless vehicles capable of exploring the moon and wing-sails aiding maritime decarbonization.

The campaign, unveiled during the "Motion for Life" launch in 2020, features a captivating new brand film directed by Henry Scholfield and produced by BETC advertising agency. This film creatively combines cinematic shots and 3D tech to vividly portray Michelin’s spirit of innovation.

Set to launch in France on May 13, 2024, and subsequently in nine other countries, the multi-platform campaign emphasizes Michelin's 135-year legacy of innovation and its future-focused vision. Adeline Challon-Kemoun of Michelin emphasizes that the campaign illustrates Michelin's commitment to high-tech, eco-friendly products. Rémi Babinet of BETC expresses excitement about redefining the brand's universal appeal.

The advertising campaign will soon feature on www.tyrenews.co.uk enhancing Michelin’s brand awareness across the UK and Europe.

To dive deeper into Michelin's vision and innovative journey, read the full article.

Michelin Unveils Ambitious New Advertising Campaign Showcasing Innovative Spirit
May 16, 2024
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