Yokohama Rubber Unveils the GEOLANDAR CV 4S: A Game-Changer for Crossover SUVs

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the GEOLANDAR CV 4S. This all-season tire, designed specifically for crossover SUVs, is the newest member of the esteemed GEOLANDAR family, a brand synonymous with performance and reliability for SUVs and pickup trucks.

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Yokohama Rubber
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October 6, 2023

A Global Rollout

The GEOLANDAR CV 4S is not just a product for the Japanese market. Yokohama has set its sights on a global audience, with plans to introduce the tire in North America and Europe this autumn, followed by a South Korean launch. With a diverse size range from 245/45R20 103V to 235/65R17 108V, the company ensures a fit for a broad spectrum of vehicles.

Meeting the Demand

The introduction of the GEOLANDAR CV 4S is a strategic response to the ever-increasing global demand for crossover SUV tires. Its design boasts a newly developed asymmetric tread pattern and compound, ensuring top-tier performance across various conditions - be it wet terrains, snowy paths, or dry roads.

Notably, all 32 sizes of the tire have been awarded the M+S (mud & snow) designation, a testament to their capability in sudden snowfalls. Additionally, they proudly bear the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol, a European certification for winter tires, further solidifying their prowess in severe snow conditions.

The All-Season Advantage

All-season tires, like the GEOLANDAR CV 4S, are revolutionizing the way drivers approach road conditions. Their versatility across dry, wet, and snowy terrains makes them a year-round choice, eliminating the hassle of seasonal tire changes and storage concerns. This not only offers unparalleled convenience but also ensures consistent performance regardless of the climate.

Expanding the GEOLANDAR Legacy

The GEOLANDAR brand has always been at the forefront of innovation, with offerings like the GEOLANDAR CV G058 for grand-touring, the high-performance GEOLANDAR X-CV, and the GEOLANDAR H/T G056 for larger SUVs. The introduction of the GEOLANDAR CV 4S further cements Yokohama's commitment to catering to the diverse needs of SUV owners.

Available Sizes

Tread Pattern Technology

1) The specially developed asymmetric tread pattern’s increased void ratio on the inner portion of the tire improves drainage while the aggressive block pattern increases traction. Large contact area on the outer portion and ribbed blocks enhance steering stability.

2) Four zig-zag grooves include two outer grooves with wide widths that facilitate water drainage and a zigzag shape that increases traction in snow. Meanwhile, the two narrow inner grooves increase edging efficiency and further enhance traction in snow.

3) Optimized lug grooves improve the tires’ snow removal and water dispersal, contributing to stronger traction on wet and snowy roads.

4) 3D-shaped sipes contribute to the tire’s wear resistance and dry performance by suppressing tread block collapse and strengthening the tires’ edges and rigidity.

Compound Technology

The compound is infused with micro silica to improve dry performance and handling stability, while the new polymer blend improves traction on dry, wet, and snow-covered surfaces.

Product Design

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