Yokohama Rubber Takes Centre Stage at Japan Mobility Show 2023 with a Glimpse into the Future of Tyres

Leading tyre manufacturer, Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., is gearing up to unveil its vision for the next generation of tyres at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show 2023.

The event, set to take place from 26 October through 5 November at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-ku, Tokyo, will feature Yokohama’s cutting-edge innovations, responding to the evolving needs of the modern-day mobility landscape.

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Yokohama Rubber
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October 17, 2023

Revolutionising Mobility with CASE and MaaS

With the rise of Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) vehicles and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Yokohama has been quick to adapt to the shifting paradigms. Among the highlights at the YOKOHAMA booth will be:

  • Intelligent Tyre Mounted Sensor: Yokohama’s step into the world of smart tyres, providing essential sensing capabilities.
  • High-Load, Small-Diameter Tyres: Crafted for vehicles that require ample interior spaces and lower flooring.
  • Self-Sealing Tyres: Say goodbye to bothersome punctures with Yokohama’s advanced self-sealing technology.

Showcasing New Concept Tyres

Attendees can look forward to the unveiling of the ADVAN A50, a game-changer in tyre design. With its aerodynamic fins, this tyre promises improved vehicle performance by optimising airflow. Additionally, the booth will feature a futuristic sports tyre, marrying the dual elements of sportiness and comfort for an unparalleled driving experience.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Focus

Yokohama is poised to cater to the growing EV market. Their recent European launch of the ADVAN Sport EV underscores their commitment to delivering high-performance tyres dedicated to electric vehicles. In addition, recognising the trend towards heavier vehicles, Yokohama is delving into the development of high load capacity (HLC) tyres, ideal for weighty EVs and large SUVs.

Steering Towards Sustainability

In line with global eco-friendly initiatives, Yokohama has taken significant strides in sustainable tyre technology. A highlight in this segment is their tyre boasting a sustainable materials composition ratio of approximately 33%. This pioneering product has earned its stripes as the control tyre for the Japanese SUPER FORMULA Championship series 2023.

AI in Tyre Development: HAICoLab

In an era of digital transformation, Yokohama introduces HAICoLab - their proprietary AI-based development framework. An acronym for Humans and AI ColLaborate, HAICoLab is poised to reshape the way new materials and tyres are developed.

Visit the YOKOHAMA booth in the Tokyo Big Sight’s East Exhibition Halls’ East Hall 2 to immerse in a world where tradition meets innovation, and the future of tyres comes alive.

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