Yokohama Rubber Creates Crack-Resistant Material with Nanoparticle Technology

Yokohama Rubber, in collaboration with Shinshu University, has made a breakthrough in the development of a resilient rubber material that is highly resistant to cracking. This innovative material is composed of tough polymers derived from nanoparticles and does not require the use of additives like organic solvents or reinforcing agents.

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Yokohama Rubber
Published on
June 23, 2023

The joint research project, led by Associate Professor Daisuke Suzuki from Shinshu University's Graduate School of Textile Science and Technology and RISM (Research Initiative for Supra-Materials), holds promise for the creation of safer and longer-lasting tires and rubber products that are environmentally friendly. Moreover, this rubber material can be easily recycled without any deterioration, contributing to the advancement of a circular economy.

To achieve this feat, the research team employed nanoparticle-based polymers synthesised through a well-known method called mini-emulsion polymerisation. By utilising a dispersed aqueous solution of nanoparticles, they created a nanoparticle film (rubber material) by evaporating the water content. To enhance crack resistance without relying on other additives like reinforcing agents, the

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