Yokohama Rubber Commits to Science-Based Targets for Carbon Reduction

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Takes a Major Step Towards Environmental Sustainability by Joining the Science Based Targets Initiative

In a move towards environmental sustainability, Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. has officially announced its commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). On January 30, the company submitted a commitment letter to SBTi, marking the initial step towards the validation of its science-based targets (SBTs) for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement's standards.

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Yokohama Rubber
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February 9, 2024

Aligning with Global Standards

The commitment made by Yokohama Rubber involves setting and submitting targets that align with the SBTi's criteria within the next two years. These targets focus on reducing emissions across all areas of the company’s operations, including both direct emissions from their activities and indirect emissions resulting from their supply chain and product use.

Yokohama Rubber has already made strides towards reducing its carbon footprint by adopting solar power generation systems and sourcing electricity from renewable energy across its global operations. Additionally, the company has been transparent about the indirect emissions from the distribution, use, and disposal of its products since 2013.

Accelerating Climate Action

With the goal of achieving net-zero CO2 emissions from its operations by 2050, Yokohama Rubber is intensifying its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout its supply chain. The company's active response to the escalating climate crisis is underscored by its pursuit of SBTi validation for its emission reduction targets.

"Caring for the Future"

Under its sustainability slogan, "Caring for the Future," Yokohama Rubber is dedicated to tackling social issues through its business practices. This commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative is a testament to the company's proactive approach to environmental stewardship and its contribution to global sustainability efforts.

Yokohama Rubber's engagement with SBTi underscores the tire industry's growing recognition of the urgent need to address climate change and the pivotal role that corporate actions play in achieving global sustainability goals.

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