Yokohama Off Highway Tires Showcases Groundbreaking Alliance Range at LAMMA 2024

Yokohama Off Highway Tires (YOHT), a specialist division of the globally renowned Yokohama company, has recently spotlighted its innovative Alliance tyre range at the LAMMA press event. With a focus on the agricultural sector, YOHT unveiled cutting-edge tyre technologies designed to boost efficiency, comfort, and performance in farming operations.

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Yokohama Off Highway Tires
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January 19, 2024

YOHT's Focus on Agricultural Tyres

YOHT, established as a distinct entity within Yokohama, employs approximately 8,000 staff and operates on six continents. The division, primarily manufacturing in India, specialises in off-highway tyres, dedicating significant resources to advancing tyre technology for agricultural use.

The Alliance Agri Star II

Rajesh Patel, YOHT's Associate Director for the UK and Ireland, highlighted the Alliance Agri Star II tyre, a key product in their range. This radial tyre is notable for its Stratified Layer Technology (SLT), offering consistent traction and self-cleaning capabilities even in advanced service life. Available in 21 sizes, the Agri Star II is praised for its balance of grip, soil protection, and long-lasting performance. With features like higher rubber volume and a special lug design, it promises high comfort and stability, making it ideal for both road and field use.

Innovations in the Agriflex 373 VF

Patel introduced the Agriflex 373 VF as a revolutionary hybrid product, adept for both field and road applications. This tyre uniquely combines Stratified Layer & Very High Flexion (VF) technology, providing a balance between lug and block type design for versatile performance. The Agriflex 373 VF stands out for its prolonged traction, smooth roadability, and the ability to operate at significantly lower tyre pressures, enhancing longevity and efficiency.

Addressing Unique Challenges: Alliance 373 VibroFarm

The Alliance 373 VibroFarm tyre, developed in response to specific market needs, particularly in the Iberian region, caters to the challenges of uneven loadings experienced in operations like olive harvesting. The tyre's reinforced carcass construction with steel belt ensures stability under extreme loads, making it well-suited for mechanized fruit harvesting in traditional orchards.

The Role of Stratified Layer Technology

SLT plays a pivotal role in the performance of these tyres. This technology features a double-layered tread lug with two distinct profiles, ensuring high traction and low slippage in challenging conditions. Patel emphasised the technology's ability to provide consistent traction and roadability throughout the tyre's life, akin to having a new tyre after significant wear.

YOHT's presentation at LAMMA showcased their commitment to innovation and meeting the specific needs of the agricultural sector. The new Alliance range, with its advanced technologies and focus on efficiency and durability, represents a significant step forward in agricultural tyre solutions.

TIA AGRI Partners with Yokohama Off-Highway Tires to Supply Alliance Agricultural Tyres in the UK

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