G&B Finch, has reported significant savings in both time and money after integrating Wheely-Safe technology into its heavy-duty truck and trailer fleet.

The company has equipped five of its IVECO tractor units and bulk tipper trailers with Wheely-Safe's state-of-the-art in-motion wheel loss detection system. This innovative technology not only monitors brake and hub temperatures but also features an intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

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WHEELY-SAFE | G&B Finch has fitted five of its IVECO tractor units and bulk tipper trailers with Wheely-Safe technology.
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September 14, 2023

This strategic decision followed a series of tyre blowouts experienced by G&B Finch, prompting the need for a more advanced monitoring system.

Lee Finch, Manager at G&B Finch says: "Our artic tippers do plenty of miles out on the road, and over the years we have had quite a few incidents with the super single trailer tyres -- even the good quality premium tyres that we use. Having a system fitted that constantly monitors the health of the tyres and alerts to any issue at a very early stage is a real game changer for us.

"The technology has already saved us several times, notifying the driver to a slight drop in pressure and allowing us to get the tyre changed or repaired before it gets too serious."

In a move to enhance safety and efficiency, G&B Finch replaced standard valve caps with Wheely-Safe's external TPMS sensors. These sensors automatically sync with an in-cab solar receiver. Additionally, wheel loss sensors and brackets have been installed on each wheel. These sensors transmit real-time alerts to the cab's solar-powered receiver if wheel nuts begin to loosen. The same sensors are also equipped to detect any unusual temperature spikes from the brakes or hub.

To simplify the daily tyre check process, the company has also adopted Wheely-Safe's Pressure Checkers. This allows for accurate pressure readings without the traditional hassle of manually connecting a pressure gauge to the valve.

Finch emphasised the ease of the system, stating, "When you've got 14 tyres per motor to check every morning, for a guy to go around every tyre with an air gauge -- you are talking about a serious amount of time. Almost an hour a day of dead money, and you don't need to be a genius to work out how much it would cost over the course of a year.

"Now the team can touch the reader on the TPMS sensor and get the pressure readouts. They're all very impressed with the system and are grateful to have something in place that prevents problems before anything serious arises."

Established in 1969, family-owned G&B Finch has built a reputation for excellence in large-scale earth-moving, aggregates, ready-mix concrete, and recycling. The integration of Wheely-Safe technology underscores the company's commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation.

Wheely-Safe can boost your fleet efficiency and safety overnight. Request a demo from our team today: https://wheely-safe.com/get-a-demo

Visit G&B Finch: https://gbfinch.com/

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