Unlocking the Potential of Shared Electric Vehicles with Elysia Battery Intelligence

The rapid growth of the shared mobility market, projected to reach €5 billion in Europe by 2030, coupled with the environmental benefits of shared electric vehicles (EVs) in reducing carbon footprints, has led to a pressing need for optimising fleet operations in the mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) industry.

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Elysia Battery Intelligence
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Addressing this need, WAE Technologies (WAE) introduces Elysia, a revolutionary Battery Intelligence solution that leverages cutting-edge battery knowledge to unlock the potential of shared EVs. By integrating deep insights, simulation capabilities, and fleet management software, Elysia enables MaaS and fleet organizations to enhance operational efficiency and maximise the benefits of shared electric mobility.

The Importance of Shared Electric Vehicles:

Private car ownership continues to dominate urban landscapes, resulting in increased congestion, pollution, and limited utilisation. Shared EVs, on the other hand, have the potential to drastically reduce the number of privately owned cars, leading to cleaner, greener cities. With shared EVs capable of reducing automotive carbon footprints by over 40% by 2050, their widespread adoption is critical in the pursuit of sustainable urban mobility.

Optimising Shared Electric Vehicle Fleets:

To fully capitalise on the benefits of shared EVs, understanding battery health and lifetime across the fleet becomes imperative. Elysia provides actionable insights into battery performance, enabling fleet operators to make informed decisions regarding battery deployment, optimization, and operational efficiency. By considering factors such as rapid charging, usage behavior, and depth of discharge, Elysia helps extend the lifespan of electric vehicles while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for fleet operators. Furthermore, Elysia's comprehensive battery health monitoring supports warranty management and enhances residual values, providing MaaS providers with a complete picture of a battery's health throughout its lifecycle.

The Expertise Behind Elysia:

Elysia's suite of Battery Intelligence technologies draws upon WAE's unparalleled experience in high-performance batteries. WAE's expertise has been honed through supplying batteries to groundbreaking electric motorsport series, as well as designing and developing batteries for electric hypercars and mining trucks. The distillation of this unique knowledge accumulated over more than a decade in battery advancement has resulted in the creation of Elysia's advanced battery software, tailored specifically for MaaS applications.

Toward a Net-Zero Future:

Realizing a net-zero future in our cities hinges upon having a relatively small number of well-utilised electric vehicles. Shared EVs have the potential to play a significant role in decarbonising urban mobility, as private cars are typically used for only nine hours per week on average. By replacing ten private cars, a single shared EV can substantially reduce embedded emissions from vehicle manufacturing while simultaneously improving local air quality. However, effectively managing shared electric vehicle fleets is crucial, and advanced Battery Intelligence, as provided by Elysia, empowers businesses to make informed battery deployment decisions and optimize fleet performance.

Elysia's Core Offering:

Elysia comprises two key products: the Elysia Cloud Platform and Elysia Embedded. The cloud-based Elysia Cloud Platform utilizes proprietary digital twin technology, integrating fleet management, telematics, and deployment software to provide unprecedented battery insights. Complementing this, Elysia Embedded consists of state-of-the-art battery management algorithms that run locally on the Battery Management System (BMS) of each vehicle. Together, these products empower original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), MaaS businesses, and fleet operators to gain deep battery insights, manage performance, optimize battery usage, and enhance overall battery lifecycle.

For more information, see www.elysia.co

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