TyreSafe Joins Forces with the Motorcycle Industry Association to Champion Motorcycle Tyre Safety

TyreSafe, the esteemed UK tyre safety charity, has teamed up with the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA). The partnership aims to raise awareness among motorcyclists and other Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) about the crucial importance of tyre safety. By collaborating, TyreSafe and MCIA seek to emphasize the significance of regular tyre maintenance as an integral part of every motorcyclist's routine.

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May 16, 2023

Promoting Road Safety Partnerships:

As part of their ongoing commitment to road safety, TyreSafe has embarked on a series of collaborations with various organizations. By joining forces with MCIA, the charity gains a broader platform to disseminate its life-saving message that "safe tyres save lives." These partnerships, tailored to different motorist groups, play a pivotal role in extending the reach of TyreSafe's valuable awareness campaigns.

Expanding Influence and Access:

TyreSafe has been welcomed into the MCIA as an honorary member, providing the charity with unprecedented access to the association's extensive resources. These resources include press statistics, campaign materials, events access, and the opportunity to lobby at the government level. The MCIA, representing over 90% of the supply side of the motorcycle industry, offers TyreSafe an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with manufacturers, importers, suppliers, and service providers in the PTW and L-Category vehicle sector.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration:

With this partnership, TyreSafe gains access to MCIA's wealth of knowledge and campaign materials specifically tailored to tyre safety, checks, purchasing, and motorcycle-focused initiatives. This knowledge exchange will empower TyreSafe to develop more comprehensive and impactful campaigns that resonate with its growing audience.

MCIA's Commitment to Rider Safety:

MCIA, a formidable force in the motorcycle industry, places great emphasis on rider safety. As part of their Elite Rider initiative, aimed at reducing rider casualties and enhancing skills, MCIA recognizes the vital role that tyre safety plays in safeguarding motorcyclists. By collaborating with TyreSafe, MCIA reinforces the message that selecting the appropriate tyres and ensuring their correct maintenance are essential elements in protecting riders' safety.

The Way Forward:

TyreSafe Chair, Stuart Lovatt, recognizes the significance of this partnership and the opportunity it presents. By working closely together, TyreSafe and MCIA will identify campaigns and initiatives that enable them to amplify their respective messages across their memberships and target audiences. This collaboration aims to ensure that every rider and driver receives the critical information required to promote safe and sustainable riding.

By joining forces, TyreSafe and MCIA will cultivate a stronger collective voice in advocating for regular tyre maintenance and responsible tyre purchasing. Through their collaboration, they aim to reduce accidents caused by tyre-related issues and create a safer and more sustainable riding experience for all.

Remember, when it comes to motorcycles, safe tyres save lives.

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