Triangle Tyre Europe Shines Spotlight on Latest UHP Tyre at EffeXperience

Triangle Tyre Europe recently hosted the EffeXperience, an exciting event held at Hungary's renowned Hungaroring racetrack near Budapest. The purpose of this European gathering was to showcase Triangle's latest high-performance tire, the EffeXSport TH202, while providing a thrilling driving experience for 50 valued customers and 20 esteemed journalists from various European countries.

Taking place from June 11th to 13th, the event allowed attendees to witness firsthand the tire's exceptional capabilities on one of Formula 1's most demanding circuits.

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Triangle Tyre Europe
Published on
June 28, 2023

The primary objective of the event was to demonstrate the impressive ultra-high-performance (UHP) features of the newest tire. However, Triangle also sought to inform participants about the outstanding wet braking performance, as reflected by the majority of the EffeXSport sizes' A-rating labelling results. These achievements were made possible through the collaboration of Triangle's integrated research and development team based in the United States and China, extensive testing in Europe, and the utilisation of fully-automated tire manufacturing facilities in Huayang, China.

Triangle's European team, including Wang Dapeng (PCR R&D Director) and Xu Wendong (Export Manager for Europe), joined by Ray Collier of Tread Ltd., responsible for tire development testing, was

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