Trelleborg Wheel Systems Introduces New Tyre for High-Intensity Equipment

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has recently launched the CX940, a new tyre designed for high-intensity equipment such as reach stackers, straddle carriers, and top picks used in busy ports and harbours, inland ports, and industries such as steel mills.

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Trelleborg Wheel Systems
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April 27, 2023

The CX940 tyre is made to withstand extended periods of heavy-duty usage, providing greater stability and comfort to operators while also reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Trelleborg Wheel Systems CX940, a new tyre designed for high-intensity equipment such as reach stackers, straddle carriers.

According to Chiara Cianci, product marketing manager Material Handling at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, today's ports are logistic nerve centres for millions of products going to and from countries more than ever before. She emphasizes the need for tyres that can handle the increased number of larger containers being carried by large ships, where loading and unloading require speed and precision. Cianci states that the CX940 tyre is made for stress and endurance, with a robust casing and optimised tread design that leads to less downtime and more efficient machines.

The CX940 tyre features an extra-wide tread that increases operator comfort and provides better resistance when carrying high-intensity loads. It also reduces heat generation even at high speeds, thanks to its unique wear-resistant compound. Additionally, the reinforced bead construction permits the operator to make hard turns in tight areas, putting far less stress on the tyre.

Cianci highlights that the CX940 is Trelleborg Wheel Systems' answer to modern port operators who demand greater resistance and longevity during long, hard days so operators can concentrate on swiftly moving merchandise. With Trelleborg tyres, they can get to work knowing their tyres will support their every manoeuvre.

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