Trelleborg Named Official Tyre Partner for New Holland Training Camp 2023

Trelleborg, has been named the official exclusive tyre partner for the New Holland Training Camp 2023, organised by New Holland Agriculture for its European dealer network. The event is set to run from April 17th to May 19th and will see more than 900 dealer personnel converge to learn about the latest innovations in agricultural machinery, with a specific focus on high-powered tractors.

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April 19, 2023

Trelleborg, as the official tyre partner, will demonstrate how the right tyre can help drive even the most powerful tractors with greater sustainability, productivity, and cost savings for agribusiness.

"It is a great privilege to bring our tyre expertise to such an important event as the New Holland Training Camp.We pride ourselves in working closely with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers so we can stay ahead of vehicle innovations and design more advanced tyre solutions for better performance while still protecting the terrain."
Roberta D'Agnano, EMEA Marketing Director at Trelleborg Wheel Systems.
Trelleborg's TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyre.

At the training camp, dealers will be able to test drive New Holland tractors outfitted with Trelleborg's high-performance tyres, including the TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyre range designed for advanced farming. The ProgressiveTraction tread design, which is suitable for the most recent generation of machinery, reduces soil stress through superior floatation and unrivalled traction due to its extra-wide footprint. On the road, it ensures low fuel consumption and emissions, superior handling and comfort, and increased tyre life.

The TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyre range is ideal for the New Holland T7.300 tractor, a next-generation long wheelbase tractor designed for maximum power and manoeuvrability in the field and on the road. Compared to the standard technology, the new VF TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® can carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure or work with 40% less pressure at the same load.


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