Translogik Joins Forces with TyreSafe to Enhance Road Safety in 2024

Translogik, a division of Transense Technologies plc, has announced its new partnership with TyreSafe, the UK's leading tyre safety charity, in a collaborative effort to promote road safety and responsible tyre management.

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January 19, 2024

Pioneering Tyre Technology Meets Safety Advocacy

Translogik is renowned for its advanced tyre inspection tools and data capture technology. Their range of products, including innovative handheld devices, plays a crucial role in tyre tread depth and pressure measurement, as well as in RFID tag reading and TPMS communication. This technology is crucial for tyre manufacturers, service centres, and fleet operators, enhancing tyre inspections and management across various vehicles.

TyreSafe's Commitment to Road Safety Bolstered

Stuart Lovatt, Chair of TyreSafe, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to leverage Translogik's cutting-edge tyre technology to enhance the charity's data and research capabilities. "This collaboration is a significant step in promoting tyre safety and responsible practices on UK roads," said Lovatt.

Translogik's Role in Promoting Safer Roads

Kevin Hennelly, Director at Translogik, emphasized the impact of routine tyre maintenance in preventing road accidents. He noted, "Our TLGX inspection tools offer quick, accurate readings, and digital records of tyre inspections, playing a vital role in road safety." Hennelly expressed pride in supporting TyreSafe's efforts to increase awareness and is looking forward to contributing to TyreSafe events and campaigns throughout 2024.

Strengthening the Network for Tyre Safety Awareness

TyreSafe continues its mission to build strategic partnerships with various stakeholders in the motoring and road safety sectors. The addition of Translogik to its network of supporters not only enhances TyreSafe's capabilities but also solidifies its position as a leader in promoting tyre safety in the UK.

Benefits for TyreSafe Supporters

Supporters of TyreSafe gain access to extensive resources, including campaign materials, PR and communication support, educational resources, and opportunities to participate in industry and road safety events. This collaboration promises to be a fruitful union of technology and advocacy, aiming to make UK roads safer for all.

For more information about becoming a member of TyreSafe, visit TyreSafe's official website.

Learn more about Translogik and their innovative tyre technology at Translogik's website.

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