Toyo Tires Unveils 90% Sustainable Concept Tyre at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

In a landmark development for sustainable automotive technology, Toyo Tires has unveiled its latest creation at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024: a concept tyre composed of 90% sustainable materials. This innovative design marks a significant leap in the tyre industry's journey towards environmentally friendly solutions.

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Toyo Tires
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January 18, 2024

A Step Towards Future Mobility

The new Sustainable Concept Tyre by Toyo Tires sets a new benchmark in the industry. Previously, the highest usage of sustainable materials in their tyres was 50%, showcased in the Open Country tyres used for the 2024 Dakar Rallye. This latest advancement doubles the sustainable material content, offering a promising glimpse into the future of eco-conscious motoring.

Innovative Use of Materials

The concept tyre incorporates a diverse range of sustainable materials. Approximately 60% of its composition comes from renewable resources, including biomass-derived butadiene rubber, biomass-derived styrene-butadiene rubber, rice husk ash silica, plant-derived oil, and bio-derived polyester fibre. Additionally, around 30% of the tyre is made up of recycled materials such as CO2-derived butadiene rubber, developed in partnership with Toyama University in Japan, as well as recycled carbon black, bead wire, and steel cord.

Aiming for a Greener Future

Toyo Tires has set ambitious goals for the future, aiming for a 40% usage rate of sustainable materials in their tyres by 2030, and achieving 100% by 2050. This concept tyre is not just a prototype but a crucial step towards these goals. Besides its sustainable composition, the tyre also minimizes rolling resistance, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions during its lifecycle and enhancing the range of electric vehicles. It has achieved the highest grade for rolling resistance in the Japanese tyre labelling system.

Commitment to Sustainable Mobility

This development underscores Toyo Tires' commitment to advancing technological innovations for practical applications. The company is dedicated to developing and marketing products that will contribute significantly to the realization of a sustainable mobility society.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve towards greener solutions, the introduction of Toyo Tires' Sustainable Concept Tyre at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 is a pivotal moment, setting new standards for the future of eco-friendly automotive technology.

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