Technical Demos Tour Launched by Trelleborg Tires to Demonstrate Latest in Agri-Tyre Technology

Trelleborg Tires has initiated a series of field demonstrations across France, to showcase the latest advancements in agricultural tyre technology. B

eginning with an event in Beaucouzé. This initiative is designed to provide agricultural professionals with a practical understanding of how Trelleborg's innovative tyre solutions can improve their operational efficiency.

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Trelleborg Tires
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April 2, 2024

Trelleborg Tires Launches Field Demonstrations Across France

The campaign kicked off in Beaucouzé, France, where Trelleborg Tires began its seasonal tour aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of its latest tyre technologies to the farming community. Named ‘Technical Demos,’ the series started in March and is focused on showcasing tyres designed for optimal performance and crop protection. Among the products highlighted are the PneuTrac® tyres for vineyards and the TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® tyres for general agricultural use, which offer a balance between strong grip and minimal soil compaction.

Showcasing Advanced Tyre Technology

The first demonstration took place at the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food & Environment, featuring a Fendt 208F tractor equipped with PneuTrac® VF tyres. The purpose of these demonstrations is to compare the performance of Trelleborg's tyres with standard agricultural tyres, particularly in terms of traction, stability on varied terrains, and efficiency, without compromising on fuel economy or handling.

The TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® tyre range, known for its award-winning design, was also displayed. These tyres are designed for the latest farming machinery, offering improved handling, high load capacity, self-cleaning features, and increased traction.

Jonathan Ramos, France Technical & Specification Director for Trelleborg Tires, highlighted the company's commitment to supporting its customers. “Our field technical demos are an opportunity for end-users to see the benefits of Trelleborg tyres for themselves. Our experts are on hand to provide advice and insights, helping customers to choose the best tyre solutions for their needs, which in turn can improve their efficiency and performance,” said Ramos.

Introducing the Premium Care Program

Trelleborg Tires is also introducing a new Premium Care Program alongside its tyre demonstrations. This program aims to provide agricultural professionals with an additional level of support and expertise, helping to enhance the performance and extend the lifespan of their Trelleborg tyres. The program includes several benefits, such as an extended warranty, offering further assurance and protection for farmers' investments.

Innovative Tyre Solutions for Improved Traction and Efficiency

The PneuTrac® and TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® tyres represent significant improvements in tyre technology for agriculture. The PneuTrac® tyre, a hybrid between a radial agricultural tyre and a track, is designed for smooth operation in vineyards and orchards, aiming to reduce machine downtime and provide savings in fuel, maintenance, and labour costs.

The TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® tyre, with its distinctive tread design and compliance with VF standards, offers superior flotation, reduced soil compaction, and exceptional traction, while also promoting low fuel consumption and emissions, and enhancing tyre durability.

Through these field demonstrations and the launch of the Premium Care Program, Trelleborg Tires demonstrates its commitment to advancing agricultural tyre technology, supporting its customers, and improving the efficiency and sustainability of farming operations.

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