Supertracker Unveils Mobile STR1 Green Laser Wheel Aligner for Vans

Supertracker, a leading UK-based manufacturer of wheel alignment machines, has announced the launch of its new STR1 green laser wheel aligner specifically designed for vans.

This innovative product expands the capability of mobile wheel alignment services, allowing technicians to provide on-site assistance with greater ease and efficiency.

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May 9, 2024

The newly designed STR1 mobile system comes equipped with a robust and compact bracketry system that ensures the aligner can be securely stowed inside vans. The system's design is highly customisable, allowing for various configurations to suit different van layouts, optimizing space utilization.

Each set includes two separate brackets, which hold a measuring head and a scale. These components can be mounted in different locations within the van, or alternatively, split into four brackets for even more flexible placement. The green laser technology used in the STR1 aligner is not only power efficient but also provides superior light output compared to traditional red lasers. This enhances visibility, clarity, and precision in various lighting conditions, thereby improving the accuracy of wheel alignments.

For transport security, the compact design features a locking nut system and protective foam inlays, which safeguard the measuring heads and scales during transit. Once fully charged, the STR1 aligner can operate continuously for over 15 hours, making it an ideal solution for mobile operations that require extensive fieldwork.

The STR1 mobile aligner is available in three configurations: as a wall-mounted system for stationary workshops, on a trolley for easy manoeuvrability around the garage, and now, in a mobile format that can be installed inside a van.

Supertracker has positioned the STR1 aligner as not only a technological advancement but also a practical solution designed to meet the needs of mobile alignment services. Assembled in the UK, the STR1 aligner comes with quick lead times and competitive pricing, backed by a comprehensive national aftercare service.

For mobile technicians and automotive service providers, this new tool promises to streamline operations and enhance on-site service capabilities. Interested parties can obtain more information and request quotations by contacting Supertracker directly through their email or visiting their website.

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