SharkEye Enhances Wheel Aligners with Magnetic Charging Upgrade

SharkEye, a leading UK manufacturer of wheel aligners, has recently revamped the battery charging system across its range of products. This upgrade aims to simplify operations for its users and enhance overall reliability.

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SharkEye E
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May 2, 2024

Previously, the firm encountered issues with its direct-current charging system, notably with pins in the charging ports becoming bent or pushed in through rigorous use. In response, SharkEye has introduced a new charging solution featuring pogo-pin magnetic connectors. These new connectors effortlessly attach to the aligner's charging ports, significantly lowering the risk of damage during frequent use.

View the modified the battery charging mechanism on the SharkEye Instagram feed -

Carl Gibson, the Managing Director of SharkEye Wheel Aligners UK, emphasised the customer-focused nature of this innovation. "This seemingly minor adjustment is crucial and stems directly from user feedback," he explained. "The magnetic chargers are incredibly straightforward: one end of the cable connects to any USB port, while the other end magnetically secures to the aligner. It's simple to use, robust, and allows the device to be used while it charges."

For customers using the older charging mechanisms, SharkEye is offering a chance to switch to the new system at a competitive price. Interested clients are encouraged to contact SharkEye directly to arrange for this upgrade -

This initiative not only demonstrates SharkEye's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction but also sets a new standard in the ease of use and durability of wheel alignment systems.

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