SAS Logistics Boosts Sustainability with Michelin Tyre Transition

SAS Logistics has announced its decision to adopt an exclusive Michelin tyre policy for its entire commercial vehicle fleet. This transition includes the inclusion of eight biomethane-fuelled tractor units, underscoring the company's unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Located in Avonmouth, SAS Logistics is in the process of transitioning its fleet of Volvo and Scania trucks, as well as its diverse trailer fleet, to the renowned MICHELIN X Multi and MICHELIN X Works tyre ranges.

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September 25, 2023

Reflecting on the company's green journey, SAS Logistics Director Adam Spratt remarked, “Our journey towards a sustainable future began in 2020 with the introduction of our first natural gas truck, a Volvo FH LNG. Since then, our focus on being an environmentally conscious business has only intensified. The shift to a Michelin tyre policy is a testament to our dedication to reducing CO2 emissions and minimising our environmental footprint.”

The company has observed notable improvements in fuel economy with the Michelin tyres, especially on diesel trucks. This is attributed to the tyres' low rolling resistance. Spratt also hinted at potential fuel savings in the future with the Michelin tyres on the gas tractor units, although exact figures remain to be ascertained.

SAS Logistics, known for transporting industrial roundwood, also deals in peat, horticultural products, construction materials, recycled plastics, and scrap metal. The company's gas trucks play a pivotal role in their contract with the south-west recycling and waste management giant, Viridor Polymer Recycling. This collaboration involves transporting recycled polymers and managing storage for 6,000 pallets across three Avonmouth facilities.

Highlighting the importance of quality tyres, Spratt said, “For us, equipping our fleet with premium tyres is not just about performance; it's about our reputation. Our collaboration with esteemed clients like Viridor Polymer Recycling demands nothing but the best. The Michelin products have proven to be a significant upgrade from our previous tyres, which faced multiple issues like delamination and tread separation.”

After facing numerous challenges with their previous tyres, including the replacement of six tyres during recent MOTs, SAS Logistics has reported exceptional performance from the MICHELIN X Works replacements. These tyres have significantly reduced downtime, with Tructyre being the designated tyre service provider for the company.

Spratt further added, “The MICHELIN X Works tyres, with their durable tread pattern, have outperformed all other tyres we've used in the past. The durability of Michelin tyres, combined with the outstanding support from the manufacturer, has enhanced our operational efficiency. Our business is now more sustainable than ever.”

The MICHELIN X Works tyre range is tailor-made for operators who primarily use roads but require the added advantage of traction and durability on challenging terrains like rough tracks and construction sites. A key feature of these tyres is the incorporation of Michelin's cutting-edge technology, including Powercoil. This technology uses robust steel casing cables, making the tyres both lighter and more durable, ensuring longevity and reduced rolling resistance.

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