Redstone (Tyres) Ltd Introduces #TyreTuesday to Educate and Engage on Tyre Varieties

In an innovative move to engage and educate their audience on the diverse world of tyres, Redstone (Tyres) Ltd has launched their first-ever #TyreTuesday. This weekly event aims to shine a spotlight on different tyre types, including pneumatic, tubeless, directional, non-directional, and open-centre tyres.

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Redstone (Tyres) Ltd
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January 30, 2024

A Deeper Dive into Tyre Knowledge

Every Tuesday, the company plans to focus on a particular aspect of their extensive tyre range, providing insights into their varied products and how they cater to different needs. The initiative is set to be a resourceful platform for both tyre enthusiasts and customers looking to make informed purchasing decisions.

Spotlight on Redwing 22x11.00-8 Knobbly Tyre

In their inaugural #TyreTuesday post, Redstone showcased the Redwing 22x11.00-8 Knobbly tyre. Known for its proficiency in off-road conditions, the knobbly tyre is designed to maintain a strong grip on various surfaces, making it ideal for all-purpose ATV trailers, timber, hill trailers, and more. This particular tyre is noted for being 1/3 heavier than similar competitor tyres, offering a robust and long-lasting carcass, extra resistance, and superior stability.

Unique Features of the Redwing Brand

A standout feature of the Redwing tyre range is the RX Aramid option, the only puncture-resistant tyre in this tread pattern, exclusively available from Redwing. The tyre size is versatile, suitable for lambing, garden and UTV trailers, as well as some buggies, karts, and agricultural machinery.

For further information on Redstone (Tyres) Ltd and their innovative #TyreTuesday initiative, please visit Redstone Tyres.

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