Prometeon Tyres Make Their Mark at Dakar Rally 2024

Prometeon's S02 Pista Debuts in Extreme Conditions

The Prometeon Tyre Group has proudly launched their Serie 02 range with the introduction of the S02 Pista tyres, marking their debut in one of the world’s most challenging sporting events – the Dakar Rally 2024. This significant milestone was celebrated in the sands of Saudi Arabia, showcasing the tyres' capabilities in extreme off-road conditions.

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A Historic Moment for Prometeon Tyre Group

“Launching a product in what is regarded as the world’s toughest race for trucks is a challenge we feel up to. The tyres that featured in the Dakar Rally are the first bearing the Prometeon brand, which fills us with pride and marks an important step in our history. We chose two reference teams boasting extensive experience, with which we have established a fruitful collaboration.”

Roberto Righi, the CEO of Prometeon Tyre Group

Innovative Design of S02 Pista

The Prometeon S02 Pista, a star of the Serie 02 range, is engineered to deliver unparalleled structural integrity in the most demanding off-road applications. The tyre's design features an upgrade in speed rating from 90 km/h to 110 km/h while maintaining its load capacity. Notably, the S02 Pista boasts an entirely redesigned tread pattern, enhancing its lifespan and structural resistance, especially at higher cruising speeds.

This innovation doesn’t compromise the tyre’s grip or mud expulsion ability in harsh conditions. The unique S-shaped tread design ensures a progressive contact with the ground, improving driving comfort and reducing noise on asphalt surfaces. Additionally, the S02 Pista is versatile, capable of operating at low pressures and compatible with 'run flat' and 'bead lock' systems, making it ideal for diverse terrains.

The Rallying Partners

The Italtrans Racing Team, a blend of business acumen and motorsport passion, participated with two Iveco Powerstar trucks. The team's experience in both truck and Moto2 motorcycle championships showcases its diverse racing expertise. Meanwhile, the Spanish Tibau team, led by rally veteran Rafa Tibau Maynou, demonstrated their proficiency in rally raids, with two of their MAN TGA trucks fitted with the new Prometeon tyres.

About the Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally, originally the Paris-Dakar Rally, is the most famous rally raid, having been created by Thierry Sabine in 1979. The 46th edition in Saudi Arabia featured 13 stages, including a novel 48-hour Superstage Marathon, testing teams' endurance and self-sufficiency.

Prometeon's entry into this prestigious event with the S02 Pista signifies a bold step forward, blending technological innovation with the extreme demands of rally racing. This launch not only marks a historic moment for the company but also sets a new standard in tyre performance for the most challenging terrains.

For more information about Prometeon Tyre Group and the Dakar Rally 2024, please visit Prometeon Tyre Group and Dakar Rally Official Website.

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