Pre-Q Galgo Expands Extreme Tread Line with Five New Designs

Pre-Q Galgo Corporation, a leading name in the tyre industry, has recently expanded its Extreme tread line by introducing five new designs. These additions have undergone rigorous lab testing and have proven their durability even in temperatures as low as 80° below zero.

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Pre-Q Galgo
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August 18, 2023

The new designs added to the Extreme line are:

1. **LDD (Long Distance Drive) 24/32** - Designed for long-distance driving, ensuring durability and performance.
2. **DLM (Drive Lug Medium) 18/32** - A medium lug design for versatile driving conditions.
3. **PB (Power Block) 26/32** - A robust design for power-packed performance.
4. **SD (Snow Drive) 25/32** - Specially designed for snowy conditions, ensuring safety and grip.
5. **MPO (Multi Positional) 22.5/32** - A multi-positional design for varied driving needs.

With these additions, the Extreme tread line now boasts a total of 18 distinct designs, all of which have been lab-tested to withstand extreme cold temperatures.

Eduardo Nava, the Vice President of Pre-Q Galgo Corporation, expressed his pride in the company's dedication to innovation and quality. He stated, "We are proud of our commitment to advancing our products to withstand even the harshest conditions. We regularly subject all our tread designs to rigorous testing to ensure we continue to produce High-Performance Rubber for Advanced Retreads."

As winter approaches, the company emphasises the importance of choosing the right tread design for specific applications. With a diverse range of designs now available in the Extreme line, customers have a wider array of options to ensure safety and performance in challenging conditions.

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