Paula Fisher Appointed to Strengthen BAB Agricultural Team

BAB Agricultural, a key division of the Bush Tyres group, has announced the appointment of Paula Fisher as the latest addition to their dynamic customer acquisition team. Fisher, with her vast experience in fostering new customer relationships, is expected to significantly enhance the team's capabilities.

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B.A.Bush & Son Ltd
Published on
February 27, 2024

In the highly competitive tyre market, ensuring that BAB's products, offers, and services stand out is crucial. Fisher's role will be pivotal in achieving this objective, as she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her appointment comes at a time when BAB Agricultural is keen on expanding its reach and influence in the market, particularly with the promotion of Ascenso Tyres across the UK.

Ascenso Tyres, known for its comprehensive range of agricultural, construction, industrial, and earthmoving tyres, is on the brink of becoming a leading tyre brand in the UK, challenging the dominance of established names in the industry. Fisher's involvement is expected to be instrumental in driving this growth, leveraging her background in sales and purchasing to open new business avenues and revenue streams for BAB Agricultural.

The expansion of the BAB Agricultural wholesale team will also benefit from Fisher's administrative support, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the team's operations. Her core skills in forming new customer relationships are seen as a valuable asset to BAB, promising to bolster the company's position in the crowded tyre market.

Paula Fisher's appointment marks a significant step forward for BAB Agricultural in its quest to solidify its market presence and drive the adoption of Ascenso Tyres across the UK. With her expertise, BAB is set to navigate the challenges of the tyre industry successfully, establishing a stronger connection with its customer base and opening new opportunities for growth and expansion.

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