Opel Experimental with Goodyear's Futuristic Tyre to Steal the Show at IAA Mobility

In a move towards the future of automotive innovation, Goodyear has teamed up with the esteemed German automaker, Opel, unveiling a cutting-edge custom tyre tailored exclusively for the Opel Experimental concept car.

This collaboration is set to redefine vehicle aesthetics and functionality, bridging the gap between design prowess and performance excellence.

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August 11, 2023

The standout features of this tyre include a custom-designed sidewall, an exclusive tread design, and a one-of-a-kind compound. All of these elements have been carefully crafted to mirror the Opel Experimental concept's striking aesthetics. This project is a testament to Goodyear's unwavering commitment to marrying unforgettable design with renowned manufacturers.

The Goodyear tyre's sidewall has been meticulously "integrated" with the Opel Experimental's Ronal rim. This seamless fusion aims at amplifying "aerodynamic efficiency." Thanks to Goodyear's precise engineering, the tyre has been optimised to boost the vehicle's aerodynamic performance, leading to impressive energy efficiency ratings.

To align with Opel's "Bold and Pure" design manifesto, Goodyear has infused the tyre compound with coloured flakes. This inventive touch not only adds to the tyre's aesthetic appeal but also accentuates its uniqueness in the market. As Goodyear notes, it's an innovative blend that "adds an extra layer of aesthetics."

"The Opel Experimental concept offers a unique platform for Goodyear to exhibit its design finesse," he remarked. "The car is a reflection of Opel's dedication to precision and quality, values that resonate with our ethos. Partnering on this venture and creating a tyre befitting such an iconic concept car is a privilege."
Laurent Colantonio, Goodyear's senior director Technology Consumer EMEA.

Mark your calendars as Stellantis will be showcasing the Opel Experimental, equipped with these avant-garde Goodyear tyres, at the IAA Mobility in Munich from 5 to 10 September 2023.

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