Omni United Unveils Radar Tires' Highly Anticipated Electric Vehicle Tyre Range

Omni United is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated line of electric vehicle (EV) tyres, which will be available under its flagship brand, Radar Tires.

This launch signifies Omni United's dedication to meeting the changing demands of the electric vehicle market. In the past, consumers faced challenges when using regular tyres on their electric vehicles due to limited availability and high costs.

As a result, they experienced significantly reduced mileage. However, with the introduction of Omni United's new compound and construction, extensive testing has been conducted to ensure optimal treadwear performance. The company is confident that these tyres will provide customers with high mileage and surpass their expectations.

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Omni United
Published on
June 26, 2023

Mr. G.S. Sareen, Founder and CEO of Omni United, expressed the importance of offering tyres that undergo thorough testing and outperform leading brands in terms of performance. By making premium products accessible to all drivers, the company aims to meet the needs of environmentally conscious individuals. Omni United has been actively supporting environmental causes since 2013, and the launch of the new EV tyre ranges further solidifies its commitment.

The RADAR EV COLLECTION marks a significant milestone for Omni United in catering to the evolving electric vehicle segment.

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