Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and Goodyear launch second phase of strategic partnership

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company are elevating their partnership with the launch of a second phase in their strategic collaboration, promising to advance past achievements and explore new technological frontiers. This alliance, since 2017, has not only positioned Luxembourg as a key player in disruptive mobility innovations but has also resulted in groundbreaking advancements in materials research and data science applications in the tire industry.

The renewed partnership, announced at last year’s LIST Tech Day, is now geared towards integrating sustainability and digitalization into their projects. The collaboration will focus on developing tire products with bio-based and recyclable materials and implementing cutting-edge data science techniques to improve sensor technology for tire monitoring, which is crucial for enhancing safety and maintenance. This phase will encompass more than 30 projects over six years, aiming to push the boundaries of tire technology and operational efficiency.

For those interested in how this partnership will continue to shape the future of mobility and contribute to environmental sustainability, delve deeper into the full article to explore the exciting potential of these innovations.

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