Nokian Tyres Unveils Seasonproof 1: A Revolution in All-Season Driving Safety and Durability

Renowned for its innovation in tyre technology, Nokian Tyres announces its latest offering: the upgraded Seasonproof 1, promising improved mileage, wear resistance, and premium safety tailored to the unique driving conditions of Central Europe.

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Nokian Tyres
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October 17, 2023

Safety Meets Convenience: All-Year Assurance

Nokian Tyres' commitment to ensuring road safety is well evident in their new Seasonproof 1 tyre. Tailored specifically for the varied and unpredictable driving conditions of Central Europe, it offers an impeccable blend of safety and convenience for drivers. The tyre stands out, not just for its design tailored for year-round use but for its technical brilliance ensuring maximum safety, improved durability, and reduced rolling resistance.

Tommi Alhola, Vice President of Passenger Car Tyres for Central Europe at Nokian Tyres, highlights the surge in the all-season tyre segment, particularly in Central Europe. He notes, "Products like Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 are fast becoming the ideal choice for Central European drivers, with versatile safety properties and the convenience of year-round use.”

Mileage Gets a Boost

One of the standout improvements in the Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 is its enhanced wear resistance. Jarno Röytiö, Development Manager at Nokian Tyres, mentions, "Based on our internal tests, the wear resistance is up to 30 percent better compared to our previous all-season tyre.” This effectively translates to a longer service life for the tyre and possibly an extra driving season, depending on individual driving habits.

A Tyre Ready for All Seasons and All Cars

Every tyre in the Seasonproof 1 range boasts of the Snowflake symbol (3PMSF), marking it as winter-ready. Catering to a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars to SUVs and CUVs, the product line-up offers a choice of 63 products spanning from 15 to 19 inches. These are available in various speed ratings, ensuring they cater to diverse driving needs.

Season Sense: A Concept for Versatile Use

The Nokian Tyres' expertise shines through with their Season Sense concept. Designed for versatile all-season use, this concept ensures safety across conditions - from summer's heat to winter's chill. Seasonproof 1 guarantees safety and precision, whether you're driving on rain-soaked roads or hot, dry tarmac.

Electric Vehicles Not Left Behind

In alignment with the growing emphasis on electric vehicles, Nokian Tyres introduces the ELECTRIC FIT™ symbol for its premium tyres, assuring drivers of seamless compatibility and performance across varied driving conditions.

Availability: Consumers can expect to find the Nokian Tyres Seasonproof 1 available for purchase by year-end:

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