Nokian Tyres' Revolutionary Zero CO2 Emission Factory in Oradea on Track for 2025 Launch

Nokian Tyres has confirmed that the construction of its pioneering zero CO2 emission tire factory in Oradea is advancing as planned, with the project on schedule for its commercial production start in 2025. This development marks a significant stride towards sustainability in the tire manufacturing sector, positioning Nokian Tyres at the forefront of environmental innovation.

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Nokian Tyres
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February 8, 2024

Sustainable Milestones Achieved

Since breaking ground in May 2023, the project has seen considerable progress, with the Finnish tire manufacturer hitting several key milestones. The construction of the interior of the production building is well underway, with machine installations that began in January progressing smoothly. The exterior shell of the finished goods warehouse is nearing completion, and the construction of the mixing building has kicked off following the recent acquisition of the building permit.

This EUR 650 million investment in Oradea not only underlines Nokian Tyres' commitment to sustainability but also represents one of the most significant investments in Romania in recent years. The factory is poised to be the world's first zero CO2 emission tire manufacturing plant, a testament to Nokian Tyres' dedication to environmental stewardship.

A Hub for Innovation and Employment

The Oradea facility, designed to serve customers in Central Europe, will have an annual capacity of 6 million tires with a focus on larger rim size passenger and SUV tires. In addition to the manufacturing plant, the site will feature a distribution facility, enhancing the logistical capabilities of the region.

Nokian Tyres plans to create approximately 500 jobs in the area, collaborating with local schools to ensure the future workforce is well-prepared. The initiative to bring 20-25 experts from Finland to assist with the setup further highlights the company's commitment to ensuring a seamless operation and transfer of knowledge.

Leadership and Achievements

Under the guidance of Susanna Tusa, appointed as the General Director and Vice President of Romania Operations, the project is set to redefine industry standards. Nokian Tyres' recent achievement of its CO2 emissions goal seven years ahead of schedule exemplifies its leading role in the industry's environmental efforts

Future Prospects

As Nokian Tyres gears up for the production ramp-up by the end of the year, anticipation grows for the first "Made in Romania" Nokian Tyres tires. The Oradea factory is a cornerstone of Nokian Tyres' strategy to build a global capacity of 15 million tires by 2027, while also increasing capacity at its existing factories in Finland and the US.

This groundbreaking project not only enhances Nokian Tyres' footprint in the Central European market but also sets a new sustainability benchmark for the tire industry worldwide. The completion of this state-of-the-art facility in 2025 is eagerly awaited, heralding a new era of eco-friendly tire manufacturing.


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