Nokian Tyres Announces the Relaunch of Nordman™ as an Independent Brand for Budget-Conscious Consumers

In a strategic move to cater to a broader range of consumers, Nokian Tyres has announced the rebranding of its Nordman™ product line. The renowned tyre manufacturer is reintroducing Nordman™ as an independent tyre brand, specifically targeting value-driven consumers.

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Nokian Tyres
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September 12, 2023

This relaunch means that Nokian Tyres will now offer products under two distinct brands: the flagship Nokian Tyres® and the newly independent Nordman™. While Nokian Tyres® will continue to represent the company's premium offerings, boasting the latest in tyre technology, Nordman™ will focus on delivering reliable performance using tried-and-tested technology. This bifurcation is designed to streamline the tyre selection process for consumers, ensuring they find products that align with their specific needs and budget.


Anna Hyvönen, Nokian Tyres EVP for Passenger Car Tyres and Vianor, commented on the relaunch, stating, "The introduction of Nordman™ as a standalone brand amplifies our commitment to diverse consumer groups and our B2B clientele. This move positions us to provide an unparalleled product range to our Nordic base and also bolsters our growth prospects in North America."

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time consumers have seen the Nordman name. Nokian Tyres originally introduced the Nordman product line back in 2004. However, the relaunched brand isn't just a rehash of the old. It comes with a refreshed visual identity, including a redesigned logo, revamped tyre sidewalls, and a catchy new slogan: "NORDMAN - TYRES FOR YOUR DIRECTION™."

The first products to debut under the revitalized Nordman™ brand are the studded winter tyres: Nordman North™9 and Nordman North™9 SUV. These products are set to hit the shelves of Nokian Tyres' retail partners across the Nordics, the United States, and Canada this upcoming fall. Moreover, the company has plans to incrementally expand the Nordman™ range, eventually offering tyres suitable for all seasons and weather conditions, ensuring comprehensive market coverage.

For those interested in learning more about the Nordman™ brand and its offerings, further details are available on the official website:

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