NEXEN TIRE's Latest Innovation Earns Prestigious "Green Tire" Seal

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November 15, 2023

NEXEN TIRE, N’blue 4 Season 2 tyre has been awarded the coveted "Green Tire" seal by Auto Bild, Germany's esteemed automobile magazine, marking a new era in eco-friendly driving.

The N’blue 4 Season 2, an all-weather tyre, is designed to master diverse weather conditions, ranging from summer showers to harsh winter snows. This tyre stands out with its innovative design, featuring a wide array of grooves for efficient water drainage on wet surfaces and a micro kerf design on the pattern surface. These features significantly enhance performance on wet roads and in snowy conditions, surpassing its first-generation predecessor.

A key aspect of the N’blue 4 Season 2's design is its "V" shaped directional pattern, which not only improves its wet and snow performance but also contributes to its environmental credentials. The tyre's shoulder block incorporates 3D kerf technology, enhancing block rigidity and ensuring stable handling in all weather scenarios. Additionally, the saw blade-shaped block edge design is a breakthrough in improving braking performance in snowy conditions.

This tyre's excellence in design and performance was also recognized at the prestigious 'Red Dot Design Awards' in Germany, where it received the main prize in the product design category.

NEXEN TIRE's commitment to environmental sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles is evident in its recent innovations. Earlier this year, the company unveiled a sustainable-material demonstration tyre, composed of 44 percent renewable materials and 8 percent recycled materials, showcasing its dedication to eco-friendly solutions in the automotive industry.

As consumers and manufacturers alike become increasingly conscious of environmental impacts, NEXEN TIRE's latest achievement with the N’blue 4 Season 2 tyres sets a new standard in the integration of eco-friendly practices with cutting-edge automotive technology.

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