Nexen Tire Unveils Bold New Marketing Campaign in Collaboration with Artist Kervin Brisseaux

In a bold move to solidify its position as a pioneering and innovative brand, Nexen Tire, has recently launched an eye-catching marketing campaign in collaboration with the acclaimed Haitian-American artist, Kervin Brisseaux.

This captivating campaign revolves around Nexen Tire's core slogan, "We got you," embodying three pillars of their brand: trendy, innovative, and caring.

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Nexen Tire
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July 18, 2023

The partnership with Kervin Brisseaux marks a significant milestone in Nexen Tire's brand evolution. Brisseaux's artistic style, drawing inspiration from the realms of fashion, music, and pop culture, beautifully aligns with the company's vision of being a trendsetting and innovative force in the industry.

Captivating Artworks Representing Nexen Tire's Unique Selling Proposition

The campaign features two mesmerising artworks that effectively encapsulate Nexen Tire's unique selling proposition. To ensure a clear and compelling message, Nexen Tire teamed up with the renowned creative agency Saint Elmo's, known for its expertise in brand development, design, and content creation.

Exuding Confidence and Pride: Visuals That Stand Out

The visuals prominently showcase animals exuding confidence and pride, set against carefully selected background colours reflecting Nexen Tire's brand elements and seasonal environments. The brand's powerful messaging, "future rider, ready for all," reinforces Nexen Tire's identity as an innovative brand unafraid to push boundaries.

Stefan Schütte, the CCO of Saint Elmo's, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "Collaborating with Nexen Tire has been an incredible experience. We share a common vision of creating campaigns that are trendsetting and innovative, and it has been a pleasure to bring Kervin Brisseaux's artistic genius to the forefront."

Elevating Nexen Tire to New Heights

DC Kim, Vice President of Europe Sales & Marketing for Nexen Tire Europe, echoed the excitement, firmly believing that the collaboration with Kervin Brisseaux and Saint Elmo's will elevate Nexen Tire to new heights, positioning the brand as both trendy and premium in consumers' minds. "Nexen Tire is brave to be different and takes the lead in this new journey. By using compelling imagery and engaging people in discussion, we aim to stand out from the crowd and introduce a broader audience to Nexen Tire and its products in an extraordinary way," Kim emphasised.

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