Michelin Dominates 2023 DriverReviews Customer Choice Awards with Six Honours

Michelin has clinched top honours in the 2023 DriverReviews Customer Choice Awards, securing wins in two categories and receiving high praise in four others. This achievement underscores Michelin's commitment to excellence in the tyre industry.

The prestigious awards, determined by over 350,000 customer reviews covering an astounding 300 million miles, saw Michelin's Pilot Sport 4S and CrossClimate 2 tyres emerge as leaders in their respective categories. The Pilot Sport 4S was crowned the Best Tyre for High Performance Cars, while the CrossClimate 2 was lauded as the Best All Season Tyre, marking a significant triumph for the brand.

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November 10, 2023

Michelin's success didn't stop there. The company was also recognised in four additional categories, with three different Michelin tyres earning accolades. The Pilot Sport 5 was Highly Recommended in the Best Tyres for Hot Hatches category and Commended in Best Tyres for Large Family Cars. The Primacy 4+ received high recommendations for Best Tyres for Family Cars, and the CrossClimate 2 SUV was celebrated in the Best All-Season SUV Tyres category.

Richard Bezzant, Marketing Director UK & ROI at Michelin, expressed his delight at the company's performance.“It’s great to see Michelin recognised in six different categories for tyres from across our ranges. We are especially proud to receive customer-based awards such as the DriverReviews Customer Choice Awards, as it gives us true feedback on our tyres. With such a vast number of reviews, to have five different MICHELIN tyre ranges awarded for their performance is very pleasing to see.”

This year's awards mark the second consecutive win for the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4S and MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 tyres, reaffirming their superiority in the market.

“When shoppers are in the market for new tyres, the tyre buying experience can often become daunting due to the extensive range of tyre options available. DriverReviews is committed to assisting tyre buyers on their journey by providing verified tyre reviews from other drivers and presenting the Customer Choice Awards, all aimed at facilitating well-informed decisions for drivers when selecting their new tyres,” commented Adam Butcher, Director at DriverReviews.

“We are incredibly excited to launch the 2023 DriverReviews Customer Choice Awards and share the experiences of real-world drivers,” continued Butcher. “At a time where consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for pre-purchase product research, DriverReviews stands as a trusted platform committed to providing impartial and transparent insights. We look forward to collecting many more customer tyre reviews in the years ahead, further enriching our reviews network to instil even greater confidence among prospective tyre buyers in the future.”

The 2023 DriverReviews Customer Choice Awards not only celebrate the excellence of Michelin's tyre ranges but also reflect the growing trend of consumers relying on online reviews for pre-purchase research. As DriverReviews continues to expand its review network, it aims to become an even more trusted resource for tyre buyers worldwide.

For further information on Michelin's award-winning tyre ranges, interested parties can visit Michelin's official website.

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