Michelin Agilis 3 Tyres: Delivering Unparalleled Performance and Cost Savings for Escort Vehicle Group

Escort Vehicle Group, a leading player in the haulage industry, has discovered a game-changing solution that is revolutionising their operations. In the world where reliability, longevity, and cost-efficiency are paramount for commercial vehicle fleets the choice of tyres plays a crucial role.

Managing Director Stuart Townley attests that fitting the MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyres on their eight-strong fleet of LCVs has resulted in a remarkable threefold increase in tyre life compared to their competitors. Let's delve into the benefits and the impact of this remarkable tyre technology.

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June 14, 2023

Unmatched Longevity:

Escort Vehicle Group, renowned for its exceptional services in transporting abnormal loads across the UK, opted to equip their entire fleet with the Michelin Agilis 3 tyres. Their decision stemmed from the desire to minimise costs and downtime. Stuart Townley's confidence in the investment is unwavering, asserting that budget tyres are a false economy. By opting for the Agilis 3, he is able to triple the life expectancy of the tyres, significantly reducing the frequency of replacements. This, in turn, reduces costs and increases operational efficiency for fleets like his.

Reliability and Performance:

Operating under demanding conditions, Escort Vehicle Group's vans endure extensive motorway travel at speeds below 50mph, accumulating substantial mileage. The Agilis 3 tyres have consistently proven their reliability, durability, and exceptional performance in these arduous scenarios. In one instance, after surpassing a remarkable 130,000km, the tyres on one of Townley's vans still boasted 4.3mm of tread. Such impressive mileage provides cost savings while offering peace of mind, allowing the company to retain the original set as spares for puncture emergencies.

Fuel Efficiency and Reduced Carbon Footprint:

Townley further emphasises that the Michelin Agilis 3 tyres have had a significant impact on fuel consumption. Despite operating at around 80% loading, the Escort Vehicle Group's vans consistently achieve exceptional fuel economy. Some journeys have yielded figures as high as 57mpg. This reduction in fuel consumption not only enhances their bottom line but also contributes to a notable reduction in carbon emissions, aligning with the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The Cheshire firm’s Peugeot Expert and Citroën Dispatch vans serve as outriders for the transport of abnormal loads across the UK.

Total Cost of Ownership:

Escort Vehicle Group's experience with the Agilis 3 tyres showcases the fantastic total cost of ownership they offer. By delivering exceptional longevity, reliability, and fuel efficiency, Michelin has created a product that stands out in the LCV market. Stuart Townley's unwavering confidence in Michelin products, nurtured over several years, speaks volumes about the consistent performance and dependability of the Agilis 3 tyres. As his customer base expands rapidly, he plans to expand his fleet further, ensuring that all vehicles are equipped with these remarkable tyres.

Visit: www.michelin-agilis-3

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