Maxxis and RH Claydon Boost CST 4X4 Tyre Range in UK

In a strategic move destined to redefine the landscape of the UK's off-road vehicle tyre market, Maxxis Tyres International (UK) Ltd has unveiled an ambitious expansion for its CST-branded 4X4 tyre range.

This initiative, forged in collaboration with RH Claydon, is designed to meet the surging demand for premium off-road tyres among British drivers.

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February 29, 2024

Maxxis Tyres International (UK) Ltd, in partnership with RH Claydon, has announced an ambitious expansion of its CST-branded 4X4 tyre range. This collaboration aims to cater to the growing demand among British motorists for high-quality off-road tyres, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Comprehensive Expansion to Meet Growing Demand

The initiative will see the introduction of 38 new sizes across the All-Terrain (AT), Mud-Terrain (MT), and Extreme product lines, expanding the CST tyre range to an impressive total of 53 sizes. This expansion is a direct response to the increasing popularity of the CST Extreme 4x4 Land Dragon tyre, which has been lauded for its exceptional performance since its UK debut five years ago.

A Partnership Poised for Success

Maxxis Tyres International (UK) Ltd and RH Claydon's collaboration is set to redefine customer access to premium off-road tyres. Leveraging RH Claydon's extensive distribution network, the partnership promises to enhance the availability of the CST tyre range, ensuring same-day delivery from its eight strategic UK locations. This logistical prowess will significantly improve the customer experience, offering easier access to a wider selection of tyre options.

Setting New Industry Standards

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the off-road tyre sector. By combining Maxxis's cutting-edge tyre technology with RH Claydon's logistical expertise, the partnership aims to establish CST's position as the top choice for tyres in both the UK and the global racing communities. The expansion is not just about increasing the number of available tyre sizes; it's about improving product availability and variety for customers, thereby reinforcing CST's reputation for quality and performance in the fiercely competitive 4X4 tyre category.

In summary, the strategic expansion of the CST 4X4 tyre range by Maxxis and RH Claydon is set to significantly impact the UK's off-road vehicle tyre market. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, this partnership is poised to meet the surging demand for premium off-road tyres, ensuring that British drivers have access to a superior range of tyre options.

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