Marisa Hever-Smith Appointed as Managing Director of Yokohama HPT Ltd

New Leadership at Yokohama HPT Ltd

Effective 1 April 2024, Yokohama HPT Ltd, a prominent player in the UK tyre industry, will see a significant shift in its leadership structure. Marisa Hever-Smith, the current Chief Financial Officer, has been elevated to the role of Managing Director, signalling a new era of leadership for the company.

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Yokohama HPT Ltd
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January 19, 2024

Background and Experience

Marisa Hever-Smith has been a part of the Yokohama family since September 2022, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Prior to her tenure at Yokohama, she served as the Finance Director at Prometeon Tyre Group, showcasing her expertise in financial management within the tyre industry. Her promotion is a testament to her exceptional leadership skills and deep understanding of the market dynamics.

Continued Guidance from Peter Fairlie

Peter Fairlie, who joined Yokohama HPT Ltd as Chief Executive around 18 months ago, will transition into a consultant role. In this capacity, he will continue to provide valuable guidance to the senior management team, focusing on strengthening Yokohama's market presence in the UK. This strategic shift indicates the company's commitment to leveraging experienced leadership while nurturing new talent.

A Focus on Growth and Transformation

Yokohama's decision to promote Marisa Hever-Smith is part of a broader transformation project aimed at ensuring sustained growth in the UK market. This initiative is particularly focused on expanding Yokohama's presence in both the Passenger Car Radial (PCR) and Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tyre sectors. The company is poised to leverage its strong market position and innovative product line to secure a larger market share.

Forward-Looking Statement from Marisa Hever-Smith

Expressing her enthusiasm about the new role, Marisa Hever-Smith commented, "I am delighted to be taking on this role and I look forward to building on the strong foundations that have been put in place. We have built an excellent team in the UK, and I know we have the ability, the products and the mindset to grow further within the UK market." Her statement reflects a forward-looking approach and a commitment to driving the company's growth and success in the competitive tyre industry.

Marisa Hever-Smith's appointment as Managing Director marks a significant milestone for Yokohama HPT Ltd. Her leadership, combined with the ongoing support from Peter Fairlie, sets the stage for the company to enhance its footprint in the UK tyre market. As the industry continues to evolve, Yokohama HPT Ltd remains focused on innovation, growth, and maintaining its position as a leading tyre manufacturer.

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