Magna MA07+ Tyres Transform Underground Mining in India

The Indian mining industry witnesses a significant leap forward with the introduction of Magna MA07+ tyres. These tyres, specifically designed for low-profile underground dump trucks, are redefining performance standards in some of the world's most demanding mining conditions.

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Magna Tyre
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December 14, 2023

Innovative Tyre Solutions for Harsh Mining Environments

A leading mining company in India, seeking enhanced performance and reliability, chose Magna Tyres over other brands. The decision was influenced by the superior durability and construction quality of the 35/65R33 Magna MA07+ tyres, making them ideal for the rigorous demands of underground mining.

Exceptional Performance and Customer Feedback

Since their deployment, the Magna MA07+ tyres have clocked over 200 hours of operation. Early assessments by the customer highlight their satisfaction with the tyres' performance and build quality. These tyres are on track to exceed 2,000 operational hours, underscoring their longevity and dependability.

Building a Trust-Based Partnership

The success story of Magna MA07+ in India is not just about product excellence. It also reflects the strong partnership between the mining company and Magna Tyres. Magna's commitment to prompt responses and on-site support has been instrumental in fostering a relationship built on trust and quality service.

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