Linglong Tire Amplifies European Presence European Distributor Partnership Conference 2024

Linglong Tire hosted its European Distributor Partnership Conference on March 19th, 2024, in Hannover. The event marked a pivotal moment, underlining the company's commitment to its European operations through strategic discussions, the inauguration of a new factory in Serbia, and the opening of the largest Linglong Tire flagship store in Europe.

Approximately 100 key European business partners congregated in Serbia for a comprehensive strategy meeting. The agenda included tours of Linglong's newest manufacturing facility and its flagship store, alongside extensive discussions on the brand's strategic direction and future initiatives within Europe.

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Linglong Tire
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March 19, 2024

The Zrenjanin factory, Linglong's first European production base, which commenced construction in March 2019, represents a landmark achievement for the company. Following the successful commencement of truck tire production last year, the factory has now broadened its manufacturing to include passenger car tires since early 2024. This expansion was highlighted at the dealer event, showcasing the introduction of new production lines designed to significantly boost output for European partners. The factory will produce a range of tires, including summer and all-season patterns like Sport Master, Comfort Master, Grip Master C/S, and Grip Master 4S, all developed at Linglong's German R&D center in Hanover, tailored for the demanding European market.

Wang Feng, CEO of Linglong Tire, in his address to the delegates, accentuated the strategic significance of the European manufacturing site. He extended his gratitude towards the company's European trading partners for their cooperation and delineated future plans focused on meeting the unique needs of European markets. These include the launch of new products, expansion of the Linglong product portfolio, enhanced services, and additional investments in brand development, such as the inauguration of Linglong Tire brand shops.

The newly opened flagship store in Belgrade, Serbia, offers a professional, convenient, and reliable shopping experience, representing the brand's values to the European public. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to establish a network of flagship stores across Europe, aiming to showcase modern products produced locally.

In light of these developments, Linglong Tire is poised for a bright future, fortified by new product innovations, original equipment releases, and substantial marketing investments. The company's proactive approach and confidence in its partnership with European distributors underscore its readiness to address the evolving demands of the market.

About Linglong Tire

Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. stands as a global leader in the tire manufacturing industry, offering a comprehensive range of products for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and engineering machinery. Established in 1975, Linglong Tire has grown to employ over 19,000 people worldwide, with products distributed in 173 countries. The company boasts seven R&D centers and seven manufacturing bases globally, including five in China and two overseas in Thailand and Serbia. Linglong Tire is also a prominent sponsor of European football, notably partnering with the German Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg.

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