Maxion Wheels, a leading global wheel manufacturer for passenger cars, light trucks, buses, commercial trucks and trailers, in partnership with Iochpe Foundation from Brazil and Savitribai Phule Pune University, is bringing “Formare”, a well-established academic scholarship program to the region of Pune, India.

The new two-year program, for which 30 students who are part of India’s Economic Weaker Section (EWS) will be selected, results in a Manufacturing Technology academic diploma program. The student application and selection process, which includes the goal of at least 50% female participation, will take place in selected villages in the Pune and Khed region.

Suhas Majrekar, Managing Director of Kalyani Maxion Wheels’ light and commercial vehicle steel wheels plants in Pune said, “We are very proud to bring the highly successful Formare program from Brazil and Mexico to EWS students in our Ganeshkend, Kurali and Nimagon communities.”

Pieter Klinkers, CEO of Maxion Wheels stated, “At Maxion Wheels, we embrace our responsibility as a corporate citizen, we champion education, healthcare, and other initiatives in the communities where we operate. Together, we create opportunities to shape a brighter future for all.  Supporting the establishment of the Formare program in India is a new milestone for us at Maxion Wheels”.

The program aims to enhance the employability of underprivileged Indian youth in the region by connecting classroom learning with real-world workplace experiences. This will be achieved by incorporating university curriculum education at Savitribai Phule Pune University while simultaneously providing targeted professional and social skills training at Maxion Wheels’ facilities in the Pune area.

Students will receive a comprehensive academic scholarship sponsored by Maxion Wheels. In addition to 100% tuition being reimbursed, they will also receive a uniform, transportation, meals, and a monthly stipend.Unlike other educational scholarship programs in the region, Formare is not focusing on developing new employees for partnering, instead it focuses on giving participants an opportunity to succeed in the job market overall.

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