Lee Abrahams Appointed Sales Manager for 3D Beta and Projects Division of Beta Tools UK & Ireland

Lee Abrahams Takes the Helm at 3D Beta and Projects Division

Lee Abrahams has been appointed as the Sales Manager for the UK 3D Beta and Projects division of Beta Tools UK & Ireland. The 3D Beta division, a part of the renowned Beta Utensili SpA Group, is recognized for its expertise in designing and installing cutting-edge workshop architecture tailored for the automotive, motorcycle, and industrial sectors.

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Lee Abrahams Appointed Sales Manager for 3D Beta and Projects Division of Beta Tools UK & Ireland
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January 12, 2024

A Seasoned Professional Takes Charge

Bringing 23 years of invaluable experience at Beta, Abrahams is poised to leverage his extensive industry knowledge in his new role. His primary focus is on fortifying relationships with existing partners, identifying new opportunities, and upholding the high standards associated with the end-to-end service provided by 3D Beta – from initial design to installation.

Unleashing Creative Possibilities

Abrahams is particularly excited about the virtually limitless creative possibilities offered by 3D Beta. The division prides itself on providing workshops that stand on four key principles: Quality, Design, Organisation (utilizing the 5s methodology), and Modularity. Notably, 3D Beta workshops enable full customization of furniture, allowing clients to align their aesthetic preferences with the necessary technical requirements.

Praise from Beta Tools UK Country Manager

Mark Pearson, the Country Manager of Beta Tools UK, expressed his enthusiasm for Abrahams' appointment. Pearson emphasized the commitment to delivering comprehensive, high-end, and bespoke workshop solutions. He underlined Abrahams' extensive experience, particularly in understanding individual customer needs. Pearson expressed confidence in Abrahams' leadership, foreseeing a seamless and enjoyable process for customers choosing 3D Beta.

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