Kumho Tire's PorTran 4S CX11 Triumphs at Good Design Award (Japan) 2023

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Kumho Tire
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October 25, 2023

Kumho Tire, a leading global tyre manufacturer, has once again proven its commitment to excellence and innovation by securing the prestigious Good Design Award (Japan) 2023 for its PorTran 4S CX11. This van and light commercial vehicle tyre has been meticulously crafted to meet the unique road and climate conditions of Europe, capitalizing on the burgeoning market for all-season tyres in the region.

The PorTran 4S CX11 is a testament to Kumho's engineering prowess, seamlessly blending the strengths of its acclaimed all-season SOLUS 4S HA32 passenger car pattern with the robustness of its winter specification van tyre, the PorTran CW51. This amalgamation ensures that drivers experience stable driving and braking performance throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Kumho's PorTran 4S CX11 has not only met but exceeded the stringent European Tyre Labelling Regulations, achieving commendable results in rolling resistance, wet grip, and external rolling noise. Furthermore, its lightweight construction does not compromise on durability, adhering to the enhanced European regulations for winter tyres and earning the coveted Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification, a testament to its reliability in harsh winter conditions.

In a customer-centric move, Kumho has introduced the innovative 'New Wear Indicator' feature. This unique design includes a pattern that evolves through four distinct shapes corresponding to the degree of tread wear, thereby simplifying the process for users to gauge the remaining tread depth.

The Good Design Award, hosted by the Japanese Institute of Design Promotion, is a globally recognised competition with a rich history spanning 66 years. Kumho's triumph in the product category at the 2023 awards is a testament to its design excellence and performance capabilities.

Cho Mansik, head of the R&D Division at Kumho Tire, expressed his excitement at the recognition, stating, "With tyres, good design translates into good performance, and we are excited to have our design capabilities and driving performance recognised by this award. We will continue striving to develop good design features so our customers can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge tyre technology."

The award-winning PorTran 4S CX11 will be showcased at the Good Design Exhibition 2023, in midtown Roppongi, Tokyo, from today until the 29 October 2023. This is not Kumho's first accolade from the Good Design Award (Japan), having previously won for the Road Venture AT52 in 2022 and the ECSTA HS52 in 2021.

With its cutting-edge design and superior performance, the PorTran 4S CX11 is set to revolutionise the tyre industry and set new benchmarks for excellence.

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