Introducing Davanti's New Protoura Sport DSP Runflat Tyre

Davanti Tyres is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their highly popular Protoura Sport line: the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat. This cutting-edge tyre is designed to provide drivers with the ultimate combination of runflat technology and ultra-high performance capabilities.

With the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat, motorists can experience uncompromising quality, exceptional performance, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're prepared for any potential punctures on the road.

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Davanti Tyre
Published on
July 3, 2023

Meticulously Tested for Superior Performance

Before releasing the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat, extensive testing and development were conducted to meet the rigorous standards set by vehicle manufacturers. Davanti Tyres went above and beyond the standard requirements for runflat testing to ensure optimal performance that drivers can trust. These tests took place at the renowned Applus + IDIADA summer testing facilities, known for their world-class facilities and expertise.

One of the critical tests carried out was the drum test, a standard endurance assessment that evaluates a tyre's ability to run on a steel drum for 60 minutes without deflating. Additionally, Davanti Tyres performed several supplementary tests to further enhance the tyre's performance, including the pop-on pressure test, the RPA sensitivity test, and the rim roll-off test.

Key Features of the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat

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