Hankook's Triumphant Entry into Formula E: Awarded Best Fan Experience

Hankook marked its debut in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship with a spectacular win. Not on the race track, but in the hearts of thousands of fans. The official Season 9 Awards Gala, held post the adrenaline-pumping 2023 Hankook London E-Prix, became the stage where Hankook bagged the coveted award for the best fan experience.

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Hankook | Christian Buettner, Events and Exhibitions, Hankook Tire Europe; Henry Chilcott, CMO at Formula E; Manfred Sandbichler, Motorsport Director, Hankook Tire Europe; Felix Kinzer, Director Corporate Communications, Hankook Tire Europe; Filip Pawelka, Senior Marketing Manager, Hankook Tire Europe (from left)
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August 8, 2023

Their remarkable presence in the Allianz Fan Village of the Formula E circuit didn’t go unnoticed. This dedicated space brought fans closer to the world of racing, and Hankook ensured their experience was unparalleled. With innovative interactive features and a deep dive into their commitment to Formula E, Hankook made every visit memorable. But what really struck a chord with visitors was their emphasis on sustainability.

H2: A Resounding Praise from Hankook's Leadership

The moment was cherished by Hankook's top-tier leaders. Felix Kinzer, the Communications Director, along with Manfred Sandbichler (Motorsport Director), Filip Pawelka (Senior Marketing Manager), and Christian Büttner (Event and Exhibition lead) stood proud in London. Accepting the award, Kinzer emphasized the unity and relentless work behind Hankook's successful debut. Their mission was clear – promoting sustainability through racing.

While the fans were wooed by the experience, the racing teams and drivers were impressed by Hankook’s premium offering – the Hankook iON Race tyre. This marvel of engineering, known for its exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and sustainable traits, has been the star throughout the season, adapting perfectly under varied racing conditions.

But this isn’t the end for Hankook’s journey in the world of Formula E racing. After a brief hiatus, their team will be revving up in September for the next round of tests. The official pre-season test will see all teams converging in Valencia, Spain, in late October. This event serves as the preamble to the eagerly awaited season-opener scheduled for 13th January 2024 in Mexico City. Hankook's maiden year in the championship has set the tone, and fans eagerly await their next move in this electric saga.

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