Hankook Tyres Secure Top Spots in Rigorous Winter and All-Season Tyre Tests

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Hankook Tyre
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November 9, 2023

Hankook tyres have clinched leading positions in the latest round of all-season and winter tyre evaluations. As the winter tyre season approaches, the premium tyre manufacturer has outshone competitors, particularly in critical safety categories across various conditions, including snow, wet, and dry surfaces.

The Hankook Winter icept RS3 emerged as a frontrunner, sharing third place in the ADAC winter tyre test for small SUVs. The tyre, sized 205/60 R16 H, was especially lauded for its driving safety, with experts recommending it for extensive winter driving. "The Hankook Winter icept RS3 will serve you very well," was the consensus among the testers.

In another triumph, the Hankook Winter i*cept evo 3 X SUV tyre took home the silver in the ACE winter tyre test. Among ten competitors, the tyre excelled in the braking challenge, stopping first on a wet road at a distance of just 30.4 metres. The tests, conducted in the extreme conditions of Finland's Ivalo Arctic Center and the milder climate of Mireval, France, highlighted the tyre's superior performance.

Auto Bild's allrad winter tyre test awarded the Winter i*cept evo 3 X in size 225/60 R18 a "Good" rating, with the test crew praising its balanced profile and impressive winter capabilities. The same publication gave the passenger car variant, sized 225/45 R18, a similar commendation, while Auto Bild Sportscars rated the 225/40 R18 variant as "Exemplary" for its dynamic dry handling and short braking distances on both wet and dry surfaces.

In the UK, the Winter i*cept evo 3, sized 225/45 R17, scored an impressive four and a half stars in Auto Express's winter tyre comparison, showcasing exceptional dry handling and braking, alongside notable wet grip.

The all-season tyre segment also saw Hankook's dominance, with the Kinergy 4S 2 X SUV tyre, sized 235/65 R17, receiving an "Exemplary" rating from Auto Bild allrad. The tyre stood out in the all-season comparison, excelling in snow and wet handling, comfort, and noise level, where it topped the "pass-by noise" evaluation.

Auto Zeitung's all-season tyre test further cemented Hankook's reputation for value, with the Kinergy 4S 2, sized 215/55 R17, being the only tyre to earn the "Recommended for value for money" accolade. The tyre's balanced performance in wet conditions and impeccable handling were highlighted as key strengths.

Lastly, the Kinergy 4S 2, sized 225/45 R17, not only scored a "Good" in the Auto Bild all-season tyre ranking but also earned the "EcoMeister" title for its optimal ecological properties, including the best ratio of price, mileage, and rolling resistance, coupled with strong snow and wet performance.

Hankook's latest achievements in tyre tests underscore the company's commitment to delivering top-tier products that ensure safety, performance, and value for drivers worldwide.

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