GYS Unveils Revolutionary Induction Heaters: A Leap Forward in Metalwork Safety and Efficiency

GYS, a leading name in automotive repair and battery charging equipment, has introduced a groundbreaking range of induction heaters, promising to transform the traditional practices of metal expansion. For years, the go-to method for expanding metal involved the use of a flame torch, a technique fraught with risks and inefficiencies. However, with GYS's latest offering, the age-old method is set to be replaced by a cutting-edge, safer, and more precise alternative: electromagnetic induction heating.

Induction heating works by generating electromagnetic fields that heat metal from the inside out. This method not only accelerates the heating process but does so without the dangers associated with naked flames. Furthermore, it offers unparalleled precision, enabling operators to work around heat-sensitive components confidently, without fear of causing damage.

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April 12, 2024

GYS’s new range of induction heaters encompasses models varying in power and size, from compact, portable units to large-scale, 22kW liquid-cooled machines capable of heating thick steel sections in mere seconds. The versatility of the range means there is a solution for every conceivable application, each benefiting from the ability to deliver highly precise heating.

The move to replace traditional oxyacetylene flames with induction technology in workshops is already underway, with two major national quick-fit centres leading the charge. The adoption of the powerful GYS Powerduction 39LG across their branches nationwide has been spurred by the significant enhancements in safety that induction heating offers.

Beyond the safety advantages, the shift to induction heating also makes economic sense. Workshops stand to reap substantial savings, notably on insurance premiums, by eliminating the use of oxyacetylene. In terms of operating costs, induction heating proves to be approximately 90% cheaper than its gas-based counterpart.

The GYS Powerduction range includes seven models, starting with the compact 1.2kW 10R, which is designed for easy use, plugging into any standard three-pin outlet. At the other end of the spectrum is the 220LG, a robust 22kW industrial induction heater crafted for heavy-duty applications. The 39LG model, in particular, has found favour in tyre workshops, offering an optimal balance of power and maneuverability, thereby proving itself as an indispensable tool in modern metalwork practices.

GYS, a family-owned industrial group based in Laval, France, continues to set benchmarks in the development of body repair equipment, battery charging tools, and industrial welding equipment. With a workforce of 850 across France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and China, GYS's latest innovation in induction heating further cements its position as a leader in the automotive and metalwork industries.

For more information, contact GYS on: 01926 338 609


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